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Victoria Stilwell: All Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Autograph Request Address, Ways to Reach)

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Victoria Stilwell Biography and Wiki:

Stilwell was born and raised in Wimbledon, England, and she started her career in pet training in the early 1990s when she established her own successful dog-walking company. Almost immediately after doing so, she realised that her clients required the assistance of qualified professionals to guide them through the process of training their pets. She expanded her focus to dog training while simultaneously pursuing a successful acting career (working in London’s West End as well as in numerous films, TV series, commercials, and voiceovers), and she learned from some of Britain’s most respected positive-reinforcement dog trainers and behaviourists.

After moving to the United States with her husband, Stilwell co-founded several successful dog training companies up and down the east coast. She quickly established herself as one of New York’s most sought after dog trainers, receiving early certifications from Animal Behavior & Training Associates and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Stilwell is now based in New York City. Stilwell has a special place in her heart for rescued animals that require behavioural modification, so she has devoted a significant amount of her time and energy to a number of animal rescue organisations in New York and Atlanta.

She has worked as a behaviour advisor for these organisations and has presented regular seminars on the topics of dog rescue, training, and behavioural modification, which has helped her become one of the most influential voices in the field of dog training and behaviour. Her two best-selling books, “It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet” and “Fat Dog Slim: How to Have a Healthy, Happy Pet”, which have received widespread acclaim, detail her fundamental reward-based training philosophy and are titled, respectively, “There’s a Better Way to Train – Positively” and “It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet”.

How Do I Contact Victoria Stilwell: Phone Number

The much-anticipated third book by this author, titled “Train Your Dog, Positively,” is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2013 in the United States. Stilwell is the Editor-in-Chief of, which features interviews with some of the most prominent veterinary behaviorists, dog trainers, and behavioural scientists in the world on its Positively Expert Blog. Stilwell is also a fervent supporter of the use of positive reinforcement training methods for dogs. She is a vehement opponent of punitive, dominance-based training approaches, which frequently produce “quick cures” but in the end create more long-term harm than benefit while also causing damage to the bond between the owner and the dog.

Stilwell is the Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training, which is the preeminent positive reinforcement dog training organisation on a global scale. In addition to the series of Positively Podcasts that she has made available all around the world, she is also responsible for the production of various shows for the prominent eHow Pets YouTube channel, where she serves as the director of training and behaviour. Stilwell is dedicated to assisting in the mission of animal rescue and rehabilitation, and he is highly involved in groups all over the world that aim to raise awareness of puppy mills, dogfighting, animal abuse, pet overpopulation, and other animal-related concerns.

Stilwell is not only a co-founder of the national Dog Bite Prevention conference series, but he is also a National Ambassador for the American Humane Association and serves on the Advisory Boards of RedRover, DogTV, and Canine Assistants. In addition, Stilwell is a member of the American Kennel Club. Victoria is a well-known dog trainer, TV personality, author, and public speaker. She is perhaps best recognised as the star of several international hit television series, such as Greatest American Dog and It’s Me or the Dog, through which she is able to connect with viewers in over one hundred different countries.

Victoria Stilwell Profile-

  1. Also Known As: Victoria Stilwell
  2. Zodiac sign: ,Birthdate: 20 July 1969,Place of Birth: Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom ,and age ( 53 years) (As 0f 2022)
  3. Father: NA
  4. Mother: NA
  5. Weight: NA
  6. Height: 1.7 m
  7. Set of skills: NA

Victoria started the VSA with the intention of educating, engaging, and empowering new dog trainers so that together we can reach more people and their pets, spreading the advantages of positive training, and improving lives for generations to come. Victoria developed the VSA with this aim in mind. Victoria Stilwell is a well-known dog trainer all over the world, but she is most well-known for her role as the star of the successful television series It’s Me or the Dog. Since the first episode of It’s Me or the Dog was filmed in 2005, more than 130 further episodes have been produced, allowing Stilwell to spread her idea of positive training methods to audiences in over 120 countries.

In addition to that, she was a judge for the television show “Greatest American Dog,” which aired on CBS. She was also the behaviour specialist for the television show “Dogs Might Fly,” which aired on Sky One, and the resident dog behaviour expert on “The One Show,” which aired on BBC1. Her show, which is called Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs, is broadcast all over the world on channels such as Channel 5 in the United Kingdom and the Smithsonian channel in the United States. It’s Me or the Dog is now airing new seasons on televisions all over the world, including those in the United Kingdom that are part of the Discovery network of channels.

Stilwell is the Editor-in-Chief of, which features a roster of Positively Contributors comprised of the world’s leading veterinary behaviourists, dog trainers, and behavioural scientists. Stilwell is also a fervent supporter of the use of positive reinforcement training methods for dogs, and he is an advocate for these methods. She is a vociferous opponent of punitive, dominance-based training approaches, which frequently result in “quick solutions” but in the end create more long-term harm than benefit while also causing damage to the bond between the owner and the dog.

Victoria Stilwell Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

Stilwell is the Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT), a worldwide organisation that is comprised of positive reinforcement dog trainers of the highest calibre. VSPDT has become the industry leader in the field of dog training since its launch in 2010. This has been accomplished by attracting world-class positive reinforcement dog trainers who share Victoria’s dedication to providing the general public with a brand name in which they can place their trust that practises humane, force-free positive training. Victoria is also the Founder and President of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior. This institution is the world’s premier educational institution for dog trainers, and its mission is to create new generations of positive dog trainers while also enhancing .

The Future of Dog Training.”Author of five books that have been huge hits, including “It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet,” “Fat Dog Slim,” “It’s Me or the Dog: The Secret Language of Dogs, Train Your Dog Positively, and The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy are three books written by the same author. The recipient of numerous international awards and honours, including Dog Trainer of the Year at the Purina ProPlan Dog awards and the prestigious Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award, Victoria Stilwell is a frequent guest on talk shows, news broadcasts, and radio programmes in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Stilwell is also the recipient of a number of international awards and honours.

She is the resident pet expert on CNN’s HLN and the BBC’s One Show, and she has been a frequent columnist for various magazines, such as The Bark, American Dog, Dogster, and Dogs Today. Her television appearances can be seen online. The New York Times, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Rachael Ray Everyday,, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, The Daily Mail, the Sunday Times, The Mirror, and The Sun are just some of the publications that frequently highlight her work. Victoria is the host of the popular Positively Podcast series, and she also serves as the Executive Producer of a number of ongoing television projects. In addition to her own popular informative dog training videos and the critically acclaimed Arson Dogs, Guardians of the Night, and Unsung Heroes web series, Victoria also produces and hosts the critically acclaimed Unsung Heroes web series. Through her bespoke subscription video-on-demand service, Positively TV, Victoria is able to distribute premium video content such as these as well as other video offerings.

Victoria Stilwell
Email AddressNA
Fanmail Address (residence address) Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom
Instagram Handle
Phone Number (404) 946-8081
Snapchat IdNA
Texting NumberNA
Whatsapp No.NA

Ways to Contact Victoria Stilwell:

1. Facebook Page Contact: @Victoria Stilwell

On his Fb account, Victoria Stilwell shares her videos and photographs. You should view her page by following the stated link. It has been checked, and we can assure you that the Given account is entirely correct. By clicking the above link, you can join her on Fb.

2. Youtube Channel Contact: @Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell shared her video content on her personal Channel on youtube for the entertainment of her viewers. Additionally, she has gained a thousand of viewers and numerous visits. The account name link can be found above for anyone who wishes to see her uploads and videos.

3. Insta Profile: @Victoria Stilwell

Additionally, Victoria Stilwell has an Ig account. On this acct, she has more than a million followers, and each of her uploads often earns about one hundred thousand likes. Just click on the link up there if you’re interested in seeing the most current photographs she’s uploaded to Instagram.

4. Twitter: @Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell became active on Twitter and garnered a large number of fans there. Follow the steps in the link above if you want to retweet her posts. Above you’ll see that we’ve given her Twitter handle, which has also been checked and verified by us. Use the link up above if you would want to get in touch with her on Twitter.

5. Phone number: (404) 946-8081

The name Victoria Stilwell has been linked with a large number of leaked phone numbers that can be seen on Google and other websites; however, when we tested these numbers, none of them worked. Nevertheless, once we know the exact number, we will update on this page accordingly.

6. Fan Mail Address :

Victoria Stilwell
Victoria Stilwell Academy, LLC
P.O. Box 250228
Atlanta, GA 30325

Mail that is addressed to a high profile person, particularly a celeb, by their followers or “fans” is known as fan mail. It is a routine trend for people to show their love for their favorite star by sending them a fanmail for which they sometimes get a signed poster or picture as well as a message, letter, or reply letter that expresses gratitude for the gifts, encouragement, and support they have provided.

7. Email id: NA

8. Website URL: NA

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