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TinaKitten Bio Data:

TinaKitten was born on the 30th of June in the year 1998 in South Korea. After some time, she relocated to the city of Los Angeles in California. There is a sister to her. TinaKitten has not disclosed any information regarding her parents on any of her social media accounts. Cancer is the name of her astrological sign. We performed a lot of research on Tina and Kitten’s connection, but we did not find any precise results. How can we tell you anything without any specific results? As soon as we acquire any information, we will update this post as quickly as possible. After all, this is one of the most common inquiries that people have, and they want to know how much money TinaKitten makes and what her net worth is. TinaKitten is a well-known figure on several social media platforms. TinaKitten has over 800 thousand followers on her Instagram account, three hundred thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, one hundred thousand fans on her TikTok account, 873 thousand followers on her Twitter handle, and 1.1 million followers on her Twitch account as of March 2022.

TinaKitten is a stunning young woman who has achieved a lot of success on social media, as you probably well know. Guys, She has various income sources, but the primary one is social media, and she has earned a significant sum from her affiliation with social media handles. Net Worth is determined by Income Source, and she has several Income Sources. She asks for a respectable sum for sponsorship, the exact amount of which is contingent upon the quality of the sponsorship deal as well as the number of fans she has. As you are probably aware, she has 300 thousand subscribers on YouTube and her videos typically receive between 300 and 600 thousand views; she has 800 thousand followers on Instagram and her videos typically receive between 200 and 350 thousand likes; and she has one hundred thousand fans on Tik Tok. It is estimated that her net worth is more than 600 thousand dollars. Aside from this, her net worth is not included in this calculation if she owns and operates any kind of private business. In addition, we have conducted research on their social media handles and made an effort, with the assistance of the internet, to obtain an estimate of their net worth. Therefore, it cannot be established for certain that these facts are reliable.

TinaKitten Phone Number

TinaKitten Relationship

Tina Kitten’s relationship as well as her boyfriends The majority of famous people make an effort to keep their love lives and personal lives discreet. TinaKitten have a creative and imaginative mind. By showing sophisticated digital drawings, she has demonstrated that she is an extremely talented artist. Through the use of her talent, she was able to build up a sizable following. TinaKitten has a soft spot for digital entertainment as well. Although she is shown playing Among Us in the majority of her streams, she has experimented with a variety of other video game titles as well. During one of her streams on Twitch, Tina discussed who she is and revealed that she is demi sexual. She thought back to the time when she was in high school and could not find common ground with her classmates on the topic of sexual attraction. Throughout the stream, she was heard candidly discussing the ambiguities and conundrums she was experiencing in reference to her sexuality. TinaKitten is known for having a personality that is outgoing and daring. She doesn’t dawdle on the topic at hand and is very forthright about expressing her thoughts.

Tina was romantically involved with the Twitch broadcaster Jummychu at one point. In 2021, the pair ended their relationship. TinaKitten is a well-known figure on social media in South Korea and also streams videos on Twitch. TinaKitten, her Instagram account, has more than 783 thousand followers. It was mostly in the popular online game Among Us that she gained notoriety for her digital art and drawing content, as well as her gaming videos. TinaKitten is another well-known Instagram celebrity. Her account, which is called TinaKitten, has close to half a million people following it. TinaKitten, the name of her self-titled YouTube channel, has over 259 thousand subscribers. Tina Kitten’s wealth is estimated to be $300,000. (estimated). Her primary sources of revenue are from Twitch and sponsorships. As we progress further, you’ll be able to form a more concrete picture of her income. She is a full-time streamer on Twitch, and as a result, she has garnered the platform’s following of hundreds of thousands of people. The majority of her income comes from the commercials and donations that are made during her live streams. In addition to this, she also generates a respectable amount of revenue via paid memberships. However, there is no information accessible regarding her current number of paid customers.

TinaKitten Career

TinaKitten made her Twitch debut in 2019. She began exhibiting her unique creative concepts and sketches, which garnered a great deal of attention from viewers. Tina also became famous for playing the role of Among Us in her own distinctive manner. The success of her channel can be directly attributed to the stuff she posts. Within a short period of time, she has established herself as one of the most popular content makers on Twitch. TinaKitten is also quite popular on Instagram, where she has amassed a following of about half a million people who follow her account. Additionally, she has a channel on YouTube that was launched in November of this year. She compiled the best moments from her Twitch streams and posted them on her channel. On the other hand, when it comes to uploading videos to YouTube, she is not extremely active. Only eight videos have been uploaded to her channel over the course of the past year. At this time, she has over 271,000 subscribers, and her videos have been seen 3.2 million times in total. And while we’re on the subject, let’s discuss the typical number of views that her YouTube videos receive.

She has been posting videos to the platform for close to two years, and her views range anywhere from 300 to 500 thousand, but they can be fewer or more. The title of the video with the most views on YouTube is “USING MY BRAIN TWICE highly uncommon 62 IQ Plays,” and you can view the version of the video that has had more than 586 thousand views right here on this page. Late in the year 2020, TinaKitten began uploading films to the website YouTube. On her channel, she primarily shares gaming-related stuff. TinaKitten has worked together on a video for YouTube with the well-known Twitch streamer Fuslie, and she has also made an appearance on the channel of BrookeAB. Sponsorships: She has more than half a million followers on Instagram, so there is a good probability that prominent firms may get in touch with her to ask her to advertise a product. The current engagement rate on her account is 23 percent, and she has an average of 135 thousand likes. As a result, the range of her possible revenue from a sponsored post is from $1,741 to $2,902 per post. TinaKitten is a well-known Instagram personality who rose to prominence as a result of the content that she shares on her account, which includes photographs with motivational words and Reels.

Email Address>
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Gaming-video-creator/Tinakitten-106372211290654/
Fanmail Address (residence address) South Korea
Instagram Handlehttps://www.instagram.com/tinakitten/?hl=en
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
Texting NumberNA
Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/tinakitten
Whatsapp No.NA

How to get TinaKitten Contact Information:

TinaKitten Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Gaming-video-creator/Tinakitten-106372211290654/

TinaKitten Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/tinakitten/?hl=en

TinaKitten Twitter Handle: https://mobile.twitter.com/tinakitten

TinaKitten YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMatk_s6SLQ

TinaKitten Official Website: NA

TinaKitten Contact Details:

TinaKitten WhatsApp Contact Details: NA

TinaKitten Address: South Korea

TinaKitten Phone Number: NA

TinaKitten Office address: NA

TinaKitten Office Email Id: NA

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