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Thin Lizzy Biography and Wiki:

In 1969, Dublin, Ireland became the birthplace of the Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy. Their music reflects a wide variety of influences, including as blues, soul music, psychedelic rock, and traditional Irish folk music; yet, it is most commonly categorised as hard rock and occasionally heavy metal. While they were still in school, drummer Brian Downey and bass guitarist, lead vocalist, and major composer Phil Lynott first became acquainted with one another. Both would go on to create the band. Lynott was the leader of the band during their entire recording history, which consisted of twelve studio albums, and he wrote the majority of the content for those albums. Worldwide success was achieved by the tracks “Whiskey in the Jar,” “The Boys Are Back in Town,” and “Waiting for an Alibi.” “Whiskey in the Jar” is a classic Irish ballad. After Lynott’s passing in 1986, different iterations of the band have evolved over the years, initially revolving on guitarists Scott Gorham and John Sykes, though Sykes has since departed the band. Later on, Gorham proceeded with a new lineup that included Downey in the band.

In 2012, Gorham and Downey came to the conclusion that they would not record any new songs as Thin Lizzy. As a result, they decided to form a new band called Black Star Riders to tour and produce new releases, such as their debut album All Hell Breaks Loose. Since then, Thin Lizzy have gotten back together to perform at occasional performances.  Lynott was the first black Irishman to attain commercial success in the world of rock music. In addition to being the de facto leader of Thin Lizzy, he was also the author or co-composer of almost all of the band’s songs. Throughout the band’s existence, Thin Lizzy has utilised a number of different guitarists. Downey and Lynott have served as the band’s rhythm section, playing the drums and bass guitar, respectively. The band’s early members came not just from the Catholic and Protestant communities during The Troubles, but also from both sides of the Irish border, making it a multiracial band in addition to being one that had members of several races.

The band is characterized as hard rock by Rolling Stone magazine, which also notes that they are “far off from the braying mid-1970s metal pack.” According to a review that was published on AllMusic by critic John Dougan, “As the band’s creative force, Lynott was a more insightful and intelligent writer than many of his ilk, preferring slice-of-life working-class dramas of love and hate influenced by virtually the entire Irish literary tradition.  While attending school in Dublin in the early 1960s, Phil Lynott, the bass guitarist and frontman for Thin Lizzy, and Brian Downey, the drummer for the band, became acquainted with one another. Lynott, who was born on August 20, 1949 in West Bromwich, England, to an Irish mother named Philomena (1930-2019) and a Guyanese father named Cecil Parris (1925-2010), was raised in Dublin beginning when he was just three years old.  Downey’s birthday is January 27th, and he was born in Dublin. In 1963, Lynott became a member of a local band known as The Black Eagles as a vocalist, and in 1965, Downey was asked to become the band’s drummer.  In 1967, bass guitarist Brush Shiels asked Lynott to join Skid Row. Around the same time, Shiels recruited young guitarist Gary Moore from Belfast to join the band around the beginning of 1968.

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After Lynott had a less than stellar performance on television in June of 1969, Shiels decided to part ways with him. Despite this, the two men remained on friendly terms, and Shiels later taught Lynott how to play bass guitar. [9] After the breakup of Downey’s previous band, Sugar Shack, Lynott went on to form the band Orphanage, which featured Downey on drums.  Eric Bell, a guitarist, was born in Belfast on September 3, 1947. He began his career playing in local bands such as The Deltones, Shades of Blue, and The Bluebeats, as well as the last incarnation of Them to feature Van Morrison, between September and October 1966. Bell’s birth date is significant because it is the date on which Van Morrison died. Later on, Bell relocated to Dublin, where he became a member of an Irish show band called The Dreams , which he left in 1969 with the intention of starting a rock band. Eric Wrixon, a Belfast organist who was also a former member of Them, had also gone to Dublin and joined the showband circuit, but also had similar intentions to grow towards rock music. Bell was familiar with Wrixon because he was a previous member of Them.

In December of 1969, Bell and Wrixon met each other by chance in a pub in Dublin. They discovered that they had similar ideas of forming a band, and they decided to visit the Countdown Club, where they saw Lynott and Downey perform with Orphanage. This was the beginning of the formation of the band that would become known as The Beatles.  Bell was so taken with Downey that he took the opportunity during a break in the performance to present himself to both Downey and Lynott. At this point, Lynott was not playing the bass guitar. Downey was first sceptical when Bell asked if they would consider starting a band together. However, both men were aware of Bell’s reputation as a musician, so they took Bell’s request seriously.  That night, they came to an agreement on the condition that Lynott play bass guitar in addition to singing, and that the band would play some of Lynott’s compositions throughout their set.  In a later interview, Bell stated, “From that point on, we were a band.”

Wrixon was also added as organist in the band that had not yet been given a name, which brought the total number of musicians in the lineup up to four.  The next week, Lynott paid Bell a visit at his apartment and played recordings of some of Bell’s own songs for him to listen to. Bell was blown away by it: “They were of such high quality. I immediately realized that I would be able to incorporate my signature guitar style into them.” As soon as the band started holding rehearsals in January of 1970, they began to garner attention from the Irish music press almost immediately. The news that Bell and Wrixon would be joining a new band was first reported by New Spotlight magazine on January 1st of this year.  Early in the month of February, reports in the press started raising eyebrows about how long it had been since any public announcement of the “Bell-Lynott super group.” [20] On February 18th, the name Thin Lizzy was made publically available to the press. The name was derived from a robot character in The Dandy called Tin Lizzie[21], but the band decided to change it to Thin Lizzy as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the local Dublin dialect, in which “thin” would be heard as “tin.” The band’s early performances were advertised under the names “Tin Lizzy” and “Tin Lizzie,” both of which were misspellings of “Tin Lizzy. “The first performance of the band took place in 1970 in a school hall in Cloghran, which is located close to Dublin Airport, however other sources place the date as either the 16th or the 19th or the 20th of February.

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The band issued a single in July 1970 under the name “The Farmer”/”I Need You” on EMI. The B-side of the single was composed by John D’ardis, who also owned Trend Studios, the location where the band recorded the single. The record only sold 283 copies and is now considered a valuable collectible item. As a result of Wrixon’s departure from the band before to the release of the single, the three band members who were still active received a larger percentage of the total cash. He settled in continental Europe for a while before coming back to Belfast and reuniting with his previous band, Them. On July 13, 2015, Wrixon passed away. Thin Lizzy were able to secure a recording contract with Decca Records before the end of the year, and the following year, in January 1971, they travelled to London to record their self-titled debut album. Despite broadcast and promotion from famous DJs like John Peel and Kid Jensen, the album did not chart in the UK, despite the fact that it sold a decent amount of copies.

Before the publication of the disappointing “New Day” EP in August 1971, the band made the decision to relocate to London on a permanent basis around March 1971. Decca decided to finance the band’s second album, Shades of a Blue Orphanage, which was released in March 1972 despite the band’s first album having dismal sales. A lot of personal anecdotes and references to Lynott’s life in Dublin and the people he knew there can be found in these songs, just like they were on the previous album. Celtic music was being played, and there was little indication of the more hard rock sound that was to become the band’s signature sound in the years to come. Once more, the album was unsuccessful in failing to chart in the UK. In the middle of 1972, Thin Lizzy received a request to record a cover album for Deep Purple, which ultimately resulted in the album Funky Junction being released. Perform some music in homage to Deep Purple. On the record, there is not one single reference of Thin Lizzy. Members of a different band called Elmer Fudd were responsible for the vocals and keyboards on this album.

Additionally, there are a few instrumental pieces that were produced by the band themselves, notably Bell playing the classic song “Danny Boy” in the style of Jimi Hendrix. The album was first made available to the public in January of 1973.  In the latter half of 1972, the band went on a high-profile tour of the United Kingdom alongside Slade and Suzi Quatro, both of whom were experiencing a run of success singles at the time. Around the same time, Decca issued as a single Thin Lizzy’s rendition of a classic Irish ballad titled “Whiskey in the Jar.” The song was written in the 19th century. The band was upset when the song was released because they believed it did not accurately portray either their music or their image , but the single topped the chart in Ireland and reached No. 6 in the UK in February 1973, which led to an appearance on Top of the Pops. [Citation needed] [Note: Additionally, it charted highly in a number of nations all around Europe. However, the subsequent single, “Randolph’s Tango,” was a return to Lynott’s music that was more esoteric, and it did not chart anywhere outside of Ireland.

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Following extensive airplay in the UK, the band issued their next album, Vagabonds of the Western World, in September 1973. Despite this, the album was not successful commercially and did not chart. The follow-up single “The Rocker” did not fare any better in terms of popularity outside of Ireland, and the band was unable to maintain the momentum acquired from their successful single. Eric Bell started to experience feelings of confinement towards the end of 1973 as a result of the band’s evolving musical approach. This style change resulted in less opportunity for free-form jamming and increased pressure on the band to produce a hit that could compete with “Whiskey in the Jar.” During a performance on New Year’s Eve 1973 at Queen’s University Belfast, things came to a head when he stormed off stage in the middle of the act and had to be convinced to finish the set. This incident occurred at the university. The following day, he announced his resignation from the band, and ex-Skid Row guitarist Gary Moore was brought in as a replacement right away to help finish the tour.

Moore remained with the band until April of 1974. During his tenure, the band recorded three songs with him, one of which was the rendition of “Still in Love with You” that was included on the band’s fourth studio album, Nightlife.  After he became concerned about his health and found it difficult to compete with Lynott for control of the band, he decided to leave the band and eventually founded Colosseum II with Jon Hiseman. Following Moore’s resignation from the band in May of 1974, Lynott made the decision to add two additional guitarists to the lineup and hired two new band members in order to finish a tour in Germany. John Cann, a guitarist who had previously played with Atomic Rooster and Hard Stuff, and Andy Gee, a musician born in Berlin who had previously collaborated with Peter Bardens and Ellis. As it turned out, this formation was only temporary due to the fact that Lynott and Cann did not get along personally[43] and Gee was under contract with another record company. At a time when Thin Lizzy’s recording contract with Decca was about to expire, the tour was cut short when a disillusioned Downey decided to leave the band.

Thin Lizzy had to urge Downey to rethink leaving the band. There was an open call for new members, and in the end, Lynott and Downey decided to add an 18-year-old guitarist from Glasgow named Brian Robertson, as well as a musician from California named Scott Gorham. The new lineup came together very quickly, and they stopped playing most of the old songs when they performed live [45]. They also secured a new record deal with Phonogram; however, the album that resulted, Nightlife, was a letdown for the band due to its mushy production and undeveloped musical aesthetic. Gorham referred to the song as being “ridiculously tame,” while Robertson remarked that the production by Ron Nevison was “quite naff.”  It failed to chart, with sales of approximately 10,000 copies, just like the three albums that came before it.

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3. Insta Profile: @Thin Lizzy

Additionally, Thin Lizzy has an Ig account. On this acct, he has more than a million followers, and each of his uploads often earns about one hundred thousand likes. Just click on the link up there if you’re interested in seeing the most current photographs he’s uploaded to Instagram.

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Thin Lizzy

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