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TheCampingRusher aka Brayden Wheeler Bio Data:

On February 5, 1997, Brayden Wheeler was born in the country of Canada. He was raised in close proximity to both his younger brother and his younger sister during his formative years. Because of his interest in video games, Brayden has a close circle of friends that includes people like Ryan Blystone and Mitchell Straub. Both Ryan and Mitchell are active on YouTube in the gaming community. On the channel he contributes to, Ryan is also known by the name “Child Dolphin.” When you look at his social media sites, you can see that he has brown hair and blue eyes, which complements his whole appearance. He began to work nonstop at a frenetic speed and produced the video game Black Ops: Lucky I Was Kicked!! as well as Black Ops, which stands for “Small Channel, Large Potential.” Following that, he has published a number of videos on his channel, including Minecraft Creations: Sensational Soccer Stadium and Cod Black Ops: 123 Kills, I’m back! as well as New Items in Minecraft 1.0.0 and How to Use Them.

Brayden Wheeler is responsible for the creation of the popular YouTube channel known as TheCampingRusher. Brayden is a gaming commentator that uses his YouTube account to upload new episodes of the series ‘Minecraft Factions.’ In addition to uploading videos and making comments about games, he also provides details about sales that are currently running and those that will run in the near future. This is what makes Brayden different from his colleagues. On his channel, he has published a large number of videos, the majority of them are concerned with sales on a variety of video game consoles. Brayden is connected to a large number of other players, including Ryan Blystone. In addition to posting videos on video games, Brayden also uploads videos that feature comedy and pranks. To this day, his channel has more than a million followers that subscribe to it.

Since he was a young boy, Brayden has always had a strong interest in playing video games. He used to play Xbox games and also became an adept in clearing numerous challenging levels in a day. This encouraged him to discuss games with his buddies and soon, he became the most sought after gamer among his friends. After that, he started making comments on Xbox games, and it was at that time that the concept of sharing his pastime with people who use the internet came to him. He first started his Twitter account where he posted about his interest for video games. He also divulged a few tips and strategies for completing the most challenging stages of a few well-known video games. In a very short period of time, he began to achieve widespread acclaim. Following the milestone of reaching 100,000 followers on his Twitter account, he made the decision to launch a channel on YouTube.

TheCampingRusher aka Brayden Wheeler Phone Number

TheCampingRusher aka Brayden Wheeler Relationship

The Camping Rusher is currently involved in a romantic relationship with a woman named Belle, as this status update reveals. The couple gives off the impression of being quite content with one another and of having a successful relationship. He frequently posts photographs of couples together on social media and uses them in his films as well. They are frequently taken into custody together. In 2016, they made their first video together, in which they addressed some of the inquiries that had been sent by Brayden’s supporters. In addition to that, he has sent out a tweet that says, “It’s time. My girlfriend, Belle, and I are now working on a video. Use the hashtag #RusherQnA to ask HER anything you like. I anticipate some very bizarre questions.”

Since there is currently no indication that the pair will split up in the near future, it is possible that they may eventually get married to one another and spend the rest of their lives together. In a similar vein, his girlfriend has maintained the line “sadly, I do not play video games” as her bio on Instagram, which indicates that she is not interested in playing video games. In terms of The Camping Rusher’s professional life, he began his YouTube career in 2011 and published his first Minecraft game video on July 20, 2011, which was titled Minecraft Mansion with DIVING BOARD! Brayden maintains a healthy physique and pays close attention to his overall look. The films that he uploaded to his channel on YouTube educated his fellow gamers about the significance of forming a group or faction with a number of other players in order to achieve greater success.

After taking these steps, a group can next make an attempt to raid and destroy the bases of other factions on the server in order to become the most powerful and financially successful gamers there. After that, Brayden started making comments on a variety of video games, and the first game he remarked on was a game called “Minecraft Mansion with DIVING BOARD.” After that, he continued to create movies about the same game until he came up with the idea for his next series, which he called “Minecraft FACTIONS Server Lets Play.” But what really put Brayden on the map was the fact that he came up with the concept to publish films about different gaming equipment. Even more, he began informing his followers about ongoing opportunities.

TheCampingRusher aka Brayden Wheeler Career

Fans of video games responded positively to the suggestion of sharing information about available promotions, and his YouTube channel quickly became inundated with comments, likes, and followers. His subsequent series of movies focused on the video game known as “Rocket League.” Brayden published an open letter to the developers of the game, highlighting the issues that have been occurring with the server for the game. He was inspired to do so by Jon Sandman, a fellow YouTuber. He also published a video in which he opened the packaging of a personal computer that cost $7,000 dollars. The first official music video that Brayden has created is for the song titled “Kyler – TheCampingRusher Diss Track.” ‘WildX’ is responsible for producing the song video.

Additionally, Brayden is well-known for analyzing and contrasting the numerous weapons and stuff that can be purchased through the official websites of various video games. In addition to this, he suggests various equipment or weapons that one may purchase in order to complete a given level. Additionally, Brayden publishes his own records and accomplishments. After opening the maximum allowed number of velocity crates in the “Rocket League championship,” he shared a video of the accomplishment. After that, Brayden brought a fellow YouTuber named BenM into disrepute when BenM publicized a giveaway that turned out to be a hoax. When Brayden was playing Minesweeper, his coin value went to zero at one point, which resulted in a significant loss for him. The following game, he flipped approximately 6 million coins, and his coin account returned back to the value it had been before the game. After that, he went on to beat PrestonPlayz in a match of the “Minecraft Rainbow Parkour Challenge,” which made him the first player ever to find all of the hidden items in the game.

During the live autumn update of “Rocket League championship,” Brayden was the first player to open 125 velocity crates in a row, making him a new record for the game. Brayden also put his ‘decrypt or theory v2’ to the test by substituting it for a regular crate key in order to determine whether or not it improves his odds of winning. In addition to that, he has disseminated the official list of con artists who are active on the Rocket League gaming server. Similarly, his “Minecraft FACTION Server Lets Play” series has earned notoriety in the gaming world and holds the title of his most-viewed videos on YouTube. Additionally, his video titled “POKEMON GO HACKS!! (WALK AROUND THE WORLD HACK / CHEAT)” also has approximately one million views. His most recent video featured a segment titled “NEW Fortnite Update! | TFUE.” The theft of $40,000, the “Ice Scythe” Pickaxe, and the Vaulting Snipers! published on the 1st of February, 2020.

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