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Susanne Bier Biography and Wiki:

Susanne Bier, a Danish film director, was born in the Danish capital of Copenhagen in the year 1960. She is one of the most acclaimed film filmmakers to come out of Denmark, and she is a part of a tiny but rising group of female directors who have enjoyed success on an international level. Her comedy “Den eneste ene,” sometimes known as “The One and Only,” was released in 1999 and became one of Denmark’s biggest commercial successes ever. She is one of the few women who have made films according to the standards of the Dogme “brotherhood.” She directed the Dogme film “Elsker dig for evict” (Open Hearts) in 2002. This makes her one of the few women who have done so. Brdre (Brothers, 2004), a story about family devotion, treachery, and the war in Afghanistan, was the film that brought Bier his first breakthrough on the world stage.

In 2009, it was given a new life under the direction of American filmmaker Jim Sheridan and reimagined as a dance, an opera, and a musical. In the same year that Haevnen (In a Better World, 2010) won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the previous year’s winner, After brylluppet (After the Wedding, 2006), received a nomination for the Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. The film received very positive reviews from film critics. The work of Bier displays an enduring preoccupation with the dynamics of families, and in particular how these dynamics are connected to issues that affect humanity on a global scale, such as poverty and violence. Bier has worked in both Sweden and Denmark, and her career has also extended to film and television projects in Britain and the United States.

Some of these projects include the BBC series The Night Manager (2016), which is based on the works of John le Carré, and the post-apocalyptic horror film Bird Box (2018). Susanne Bier’s work, which has won numerous awards including the Academy Award®, the Golden Globe Award, and the Emmy Award, frequently takes place against a vastly expansive global backdrop; however, the focus of her work is more personal, as she investigates carefully the explosive emotions and complexities of familial bonds. This singular combination is a key ingredient in the success recipe that has catapulted her to the position of preeminent female filmmaker in Denmark and a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.

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In a Better World, which Bier directed and was released in 2010, took home several awards in 2011, including the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the Italian Golden Globe Award® for Best European Film, and the European Film Award for Best Director. After the Wedding (2006), which she directed and which won multiple awards and was also nominated for an Academy Award® for Be. Foreign Language Film, will be remade in 2019 as an English-language film starring Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, and Billy Crudup. She was the director of the original film. In 2016, Bier was honoured with an Emmy Award for directing the six-part AMC mini-series The Night Manager, which was adapted from John le Carré’s novel of the same name, which was published in 1993. The mini-series was based on the novel, and its stars Tom Huddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman all won Golden Globes for their performances.

After this, Bier directed the 2018 Netflix picture Bird Box, which starred Sandra Bullock and ultimately became the film with the most views in the annals of Netflix’s history. In 2020, she directed the six-part HBO series The Undoing, which starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. It was the first original series on the network to grow its audience each week, and it was the first series ever directed by her. Before this, Bier had co-written and directed the romantic comedy The One and Only (1999), which went on to win the award for Best Film at the Danish Robert Awards. It was also the most watched domestic film in Denmark in the past 20 years, with one-fifth of the population of the country having seen it at the theatre. Open Hearts, which she directed in 2002 and shot in the style of Dogme ’95 filmmaking, was completed under her direction.

The movie was honoured with a number of accolades, such as the Audience Award at the Robert Festival (the Danish equivalent of the Academy Award) and the International Film Critics’ Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Bier then went on to direct Brothers (2004), which was nominated for multiple awards at the Sundance Film Festival, including the Audience Award. Things We Lost in the Fire was Bier’s first film to be made in the English language. It was released in 2007 and starred Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro. The film won multiple awards. Love Is All You Need, directed by Susanne Bier and starring Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm, was the recipient of the European Film Award for Best Comedy in 2013, and it marked the director’s victorious return to the comedy genre. A Second Chance, which Bier directed in 2014 and starred Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the lead role, made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Susanne Bier Profile-

  1. Also Known As: Susanne Bier
  2. Zodiac sign: ,Birthdate: 15 April 1960, Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark ,and age ( 62 years) (As 0f 2022)
  3. Father: NA
  4. Mother: NA
  5. Weight: NA
  6. Height: 5 feet 6 inch
  7. Set of skills: NA

The most recent project that Susanne Bier directed was the limited series The First Lady, which aired on Showtime and starred Viola Davis, Michelle Pfieffer, and Gillian Anderson. Before enrolling in the film direction programme at the National Film School of Denmark, where she received her diploma in 1987, Bier received her art and architecture training at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. While in London, she also read architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Bier’s graduation film, “De Saliges,” which was released in 1987, went on to win the first place at the Munich Film School festival and was later distributed by Channel Four. Finding rapid success in Denmark with her movies Freud Flytter Hjemmefra (Freud’s Leaving Home, 1990), Det Bli’r I Familien (Family Matters, 1993), Pensionat Oscar (Like it Was Never Before, 1995), and Sekten (Credo, 1997), but her first commercial hit was in 1999 with The One and Only.

The film, which is a romantic comedy about the precariousness of existence, garnered a number of accolades from the Danish Film Academy and served as the catalyst for Bier’s partnership with the actor Paprika Steen. The movie is still considered to be one of the most successful Danish films that has ever been released in the country. Elsker dig for evict (Open Hearts, 2002), a departure from the easygoing appeal of Livet ar en schlager (Once in a Lifetime, 2000), was the film that brought Bier’s work to the notice of a far wider audience on a worldwide scale. The film is a sensitive and sad investigation of broken lives and connected catastrophes, and it is written in a lovely way by Bier and Anders Thomas Jensen. Bier’s acute observations and Jensen’s wonderful writing make the film. The picture, which was produced in accordance with the criteria of Dogme 95, also signaled a step towards a more minimalistic aesthetic.

Since the completion of Open Hearts, Bier’s profile has continued to rise thanks to the distressing picture Brothers (2004) and the emotionally captivating feature After the Wedding (2006), the latter of which was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 2007. Things We Lost in the Fire (2008), Bier’s first picture in the United States, which starred Benicio del Toro and Halle Berry, was not as successful as the director had hoped for, but she went on to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for In a Better World (2010). Bier, who has also directed short films, music videos, and commercials, often focuses his feature-length work on contemplating themes of suffering, tragedy, and redemption. Susan King says that although frequently taking place on a worldwide stage, they are “laced with a personal concern for family.”

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In the piece written by Susan King, Bier asserts that her Jewish upbringing instilled in her both a robust feeling of family and a sense of the unpredictability and upheaval of the world. This is in reference to the fact that Bier’s father was forced to flee Germany in 1933 and make his way to Denmark, where he eventually met Bier’s mother. After Nazis began gathering up Jews in Denmark, the two of them escaped by boat and made their way to Sweden. At first, Bier pictured her future self as being wed to a kind Jewish man and having a family of six children. She later made the decision that she wanted to go into the workforce. She has a son named Gabriel and a daughter named Alice from her two previous marriages. Despite this, she continues to credit her family as being her primary source of inspiration, and she asserts that she never would have pursued a career in filmmaking if it weren’t for her kids. According to Bier, “family is a sense of identity.” [Citation needed] “I have daily contact with both of my parents. My aunts and uncles and I have a very close relationship, as does the relationship I have with my ex-husband, who frequently visits us and stays with us. I have this almost compulsive want to have a very intense, close, and intimate relationship with whoever is close to me, and I want to have that relationship with them. The stories I tell are undeniably influenced by the way I choose to live my life.

Bier had never travelled to Africa or India until she started shooting movies there, despite the fact that she frequently portrays transnational events that take place in nations from the third world. Bier claims that her recurrent interest in and depiction of the Third World is “kind of pointing out that the Third World is truly a part of our existence,” in reference to her portrayal of the region in her work. Because we can’t get away from it, we have to learn to live with it. After winning the Academy Award for her role in in a Better World, she stated in a letter that was made public that “My particular world is not only Copenhagen.” It needed to encompass more than just this. My view of the world has expanded since I was younger. Bier asserts in the article written by Sylvaine Gold that she does not want to be in a comfortable state when she is working. Her movies almost always feature persons who are happy and content until they are thrust into circumstances that are extremely sad or tragic. She blames the experience that her parents had during World War II, when “society suddenly turned against them” due of the fact that they were Jewish, for causing her to develop this preoccupation.

In spite of his preoccupation with tragic events, Bier has stated, “I’ve had a really fortunate, extremely privileged life. [However,] I say that with full humility, because it may change tomorrow.” However, I have a really strong capacity for empathy, and I am able to comprehend how things are felt. Her regular writing collaborator Anders Thomas Jensen attests to the “humanness” that she possesses, stating that “She’s very good at putting herself in a character’s place, which is truly a talent.” Jensen describes her as “extremely good at putting herself in a character’s place.” Bier also maintains that even if the situations she depicts in her films are often bleak, she strives to leave her audiences with a glimmer of optimism by the time the credits roll. She claims that “having the ability to communicate” is always essential and that she will never intentionally offend her audience. Bier has received acclaim as a filmmaker who is capable of producing movies that are appealing to audiences in a variety of countries (although she has yet to make a successful transition to Hollywood filmmaking). The fact that After the Wedding (2006) was nominated for an Academy Prize for Best Foreign Language Film and that In a Better World (2010) went on to win the award is evidence of this point.

Susanne Bier
Email AddressNA
Fanmail Address (residence address) Copenhagen, Denmark
Instagram Handle

Phone Number(424) 288-2000
Snapchat IdNA
Texting NumberNA
Whatsapp No.NA

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1. Facebook Page Contact: @Susanne Bier

On his Fb account, Susanne Bier shares her videos and photographs. You should view her page by following the stated link. It has been checked, and we can assure you that the Given account is entirely correct. By clicking the above link, you can join her on Fb.

2. Youtube Channel Contact: @Susanne Bier

Susanne Bier shared her video content on her personal Channel on youtube for the entertainment of her viewers. Additionally, she has gained a thousand of viewers and numerous visits. The account name link can be found above for anyone who wishes to see her uploads and videos.

3. Insta Profile: @Susanne Bier

Additionally, Susanne Bier has an Ig account. On this acct, she has more than a million followers, and each of her uploads often earns about one hundred thousand likes. Just click on the link up there if you’re interested in seeing the most current photographs she’s uploaded to Instagram.

4. Twitter: @Susanne Bier

Susanne Bier became active on Twitter and garnered a large number of fans there. Follow the steps in the link above if you want to retweet her posts. Above you’ll see that we’ve given her Twitter handle, which has also been checked and verified by us. Use the link up above if you would want to get in touch with her on Twitter.

5. Phone number: (424) 288-2000

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6. Fan Mail Address :

Susanne Bier
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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7. Email id: NA

8. Website URL: NA

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