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Shari Franke Bio Data:

On March 3, 2003, Shari Franke was born in the United States of America. Ruby, her mother, is a video blogger, and Kevin, her father, formerly held a position as a geotechnical engineering consultant. She is the daughter of Ruby and Kevin. In addition, he is responsible for directing and editing all of the videos that are uploaded to their family channel. On the show ‘8 Passengers,’ Shari’s younger brothers Chad and Russell make frequent appearances. In addition, she has three younger sisters whose names are Abby, Julie, and Eve respectively. Shari spent a few years learning at a public school, but she did not enjoy the atmosphere there because a significant number of her classmates used inappropriate language and also engaged in drug use. Shari was profoundly affected by this, and as a result, her parents became anxious. Because of this, they made the choice to send her to a private school.

When Shari was in elementary school, she had a difficult time making new friends. She had a reputation for being an introverted young lady who found it challenging to strike up a conversation with other students at her school. As time went on, she became more outgoing and eventually made a few new friends as a result of her interactions with other people. Shari Franke has never been less than perfect in her work. She is very conscientious about completing her schoolwork and projects on the exact date and time that they are due. In everything that she does, she gives an extra amount of attention to each and every detail. She is very well organized, and she likes to organise her day in advance whenever possible. YouTube personality Shari Franke hails from the United States, and she is a regular contributor to the immensely popular family channel known as ‘8 Passengers.’

Shari Franke Phone Number

Shari Franke Relationship

She also has a channel on YouTube with her own name, where she shares vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, and story time videos with her subscribers. Because her parents watch the videos on her channel, she is careful about the subject matter that she chooses to cover in her videos. Both on her own channel and on the channel that her family maintains, she has posted a number of videos in which she demonstrates how to apply makeup. The number of people who subscribe to Shari’s channel is over 2.3 million. During the giveaway events that were organized by her parents, she plays an important role in those events. Shari is the one who represents her parents in the role of giving away a variety of prizes on their behalf. The channel known as “8 Passengers” is where the giveaways are frequently announced. When Shari Franke was just a child, her parents showed her some of their favourite videos on YouTube.

Her parents, Kevin and Ruby Franke, run a YouTube channel for their family under the name “8 Passengers,” and she is the eldest of their six children. It’s interesting to note that Shari started her own self-titled YouTube channel a whole year before she started working on ‘8 Passengers.’ Despite this, Shari did not upload her first video to her channel until several months after it was created. Before Shari Franke began uploading videos to her own channel, she frequently appeared in videos that were uploaded to the ‘8 Passengers’ channel. On their family YouTube channel, her parents are the ones in charge of organizing the giveaway events, and she is the one in charge of hosting them. Their family channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers at this point. Because she is so passionate about applying makeup, Shari has a YouTube channel that is jam-packed with makeup tutorials and other makeup-related videos. However, she has a long way to go before she can master the art of applying makeup, and her mother is the one who is teaching her all of the ins and outs of the trade.

Shari Franke Career

Shari doesn’t think twice about following in her parents’ footsteps when it comes to deciding what to cover in her videos; in fact, she frequently draws inspiration from them. The videos that are uploaded to her channel are very comparable to the videos that can be found on the channel known as “8 Passengers.” Her story time videos, travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos, prank videos, Christmas vlogs, and other types of videos have been very popular on her channel. When Shari is an adult, she plans to uproot her life and begin a new chapter in Manhattan, New York. When Shari was in the fifth grade, she had the ambition to become a teacher when she grew up. However, as the years went by, her preferences regarding her chosen line of work shifted. Shari despises the warm weather of summer and expresses a desire to have her time off from school during the summer shortened. She is prone to developing skin allergies during the summer, which is one of the primary reasons why she despises the season.  As a result of her passion for writing, she keeps a journal.

She even has a whiteboard that is attached to her bunk bed, and she uses it to jot down her thoughts and reflections before going to sleep each night. In spite of the fact that she does not enjoy reading fantasy novels, she has made an exception for Harry Potter, which she has read a total of more than 13 times. Shari Franke’s grandmother sparked an interest in drawing in her granddaughter, and she began to sketch. Country music is her preferred style of music, and she frequently indulges in the hobby of listening to it. She is a big fan of dramas and comedies, but her favourite genre is romantic comedies. Shari is a sensitive person who frequently sheds tears while watching movies of a more sentimental nature. Shari is able to communicate in several languages, including French, German, and Portuguese. She has been playing softball for quite some time now, and the sport is one that she thoroughly enjoys. In addition to that, she is not a fan of going on hikes. The Rubik’s cube is one of Shari’s favourite puzzles, and she also happens to be pretty good at solving it. She has a fear of heights, insects (apiphobia), and spiders (nyctophobia).

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