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Safiya Nygaard Bio Data:

Safiya Jaffer Nygaard came into the world on July 16th, 1992 in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She has Danish ancestry on her mother’s side and Indian ancestry on her father’s side. Her mother was born in India. She received her diploma from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in 2011, which she had attended for all four years of high school. Following that, she received her graduate degree from Stanford University. Safiya Nygaard is an American YouTube beauty and fashion guru, vlogger, writer, producer, and actor who once spent nearly two years working for the well-known internet media firm BuzzFeed. In April of 2015, she started working for the company in the capacity of a production intern. In October of the same year, she and another employee of the company, Fredricka Ransome, were the brains behind the series ‘Ladylike.’ She took on the role of producer of the show in November and remained in that role for the subsequent 15 months, until she resigned from her position with the firm in January 2017.

She is now uploading content on her self-titled YouTube channel, which claims 5.5 million subscribers, and she also makes regular appearances on the channel that is owned by her boyfriend, Tyler Williams. She began by uploading one video per week and has now increased that number to anywhere between two and three videos each week in order to satisfy her enormous audience. At the tenth “Annual Shorty Awards,” she is competing for a spot as one of the finalists for the “YouTuber of the Year” category. Safiya Nygaard held a position as a sales assistant at Abercrombie & Fitch and an internship in the library at Victory Gardens Theatre while she was pursuing her undergraduate degree. During the beginning of her career, she participated in a variety of stage shows. In December 2014, she uploaded a demo reel to her YouTube channel that featured a compilation of acting samples from her early career. On the other hand, she became more well-known on the internet as a result of her relationship with the website BuzzFeed, which had employed her in April of 2015.

Safiya Nygaard Phone Number

Safiya Nygaard Relationship

While they were both attending Stanford University, she made the acquaintance of her future boyfriend, Tyler Williams. In addition to his roles as CEO and creator of Next beat, he is also a YouTube personality. He appears in several of her films, and the two of them are frequently seen hanging out together in videos that are uploaded to both of their channels. She started out as a content creator for the company, and she also appeared in a number of the videos that they produced. In October of that year, she teamed up with Fredricka Ransome and co-created the new series ‘Ladylike.’ In this series, women would try out new beauty and fashion products as well as experiment with various techniques in order to show viewers the end results so that they would not have to experiment with these techniques themselves. After the first episode of the series, which was merely a part under the ‘Top Knot’ show about beauty and fashion, the show transitioned into solely focusing on hair instructions.

With the assistance of a few other enthusiastic employees at the company, Nygaard and Ransome were able to keep the ‘Ladylike’ series going strong. Within a short period of time, the show started to acquire traction and, within a few more months, it was elevated to the status of a full-fledged show on the “BuzzFeed” channel, complete with a devoted crew and producers. She worked on the show for fifteen months until January 2017, when she made the final decision to quit her job at “BuzzFeed” in order to concentrate on her own YouTube channel. This decision was made in order to provide her more autonomy regarding the content and format of the videos she creates. At this point, her channel consisted just of a demo reel from 2014 and a few of vlogs in which she discussed going to amusement parks with her partner. Since she began uploading new videos to her channel on a weekly basis in January 2017 covering topics like as beauty, fashion, and “weirdness,” she has amassed over 5.5 million subscribers, and each of her videos consistently receives more than a million views.

Safiya Nygaard Career

After leaving her position at “BuzzFeed,” Safiya Nygaard waited a full six months before addressing the issue in the video titled “Why I left BuzzFeed,” which she published on March 19, 2017. By that time, all of the videos that she had previously produced for the company were already available online. She emphasized that the primary reason she resigned from her position at “BuzzFeed” was because she desired greater autonomy. She also noted the fact that she was unable to communicate with her admirers on YouTube in order to respond to their questions because of certain limits imposed by the company. Furthermore, despite the fact that Nygaard and Ransome created and produced the majority of the content for the show, they were not included in high-level decision-making regarding the future of “Ladylike,” including potential collaborations, partnerships, and branding. This was the case despite the fact that they were responsible for creating and producing the majority of the show’s content.

Even though she agreed that it was appropriate for the corporation to possess all of the information that she had developed for it, she gradually came to the understanding that she had very little control over what was being disseminated under her name. She made the decision to disassociate herself with the company when it became apparent that her name might be used in connection with the production of items. It is interesting to note that since since she departed her position at “BuzzFeed,” several of the videos that have been put on the channel belonging to the firm have been discovered to have an uncanny likeness to those that Nygaard was publishing independently on her channel. As a result of the fact that all of her previous work for the company had previously been published on the internet, a great number of her followers accused “BuzzFeed” of shamelessly ripping off her videos.

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