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Poofesure Bio Data:

Poofesure is discussed in any of the accessible sources of information. He would rather keep his private life hidden from the prying eyes of the general public than discuss it publicly. On Christmas Day in 2019, he uploaded the one and only picture of his family that he had previously published on Instagram. Aside from that, he has not revealed any information about his family or his sexual relationships up to this point.

The Professor is very engaged across a wide variety of social media sites. On the official ‘Professor’ channel that he maintains on YouTube, he has 1.6 million followers. In a similar vein, he has 43,400 followers on Twitter and 88,600 followers on Instagram, where he has a total of 19 posts. Additionally, Professor has 58 thousand followers on the live streaming platform Twitch. In addition, if you have any business-related questions, you may contact him at  poofesurebusiness@outlook.com.

His videos on YouTube, his streaming on Twitch, and his merchandising all contribute to his net worth. As of February 2020, it is anticipated that the net worth of the professor would amount to $2.7 million USD. According to Gossip! Declines, Professor has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. On the other hand, we are not given any of his other bodily dimensions, such as his weight, chest-waist-hip ratio, arms, dress size, shoe size, or any of the like. He does, on the other hand, have a stocky build. In a similar fashion, both his eyes and his hair are brown.

The Professor is a professional player and uploader of videos on YouTube. He likes playing a wide range of games on the internet, such as Minecraft, Papa Louie Games, Fortnite, Tomodachi Life, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and Wii Party, amongst others. He got his start in the industry by playing the game Fortnite before moving on to other types of content. In a similar vein, Poofesure is well-known for his comedic gaming, “psychopathic” laughter when anything out of the ordinary occurs, and rages while he is playing the game. In addition, Poofesure records the majority of his gameplays on a personal computer, but he also does it on a Wii and a PS4.

In addition to this, whether he plays video games or watches live streams, he has a very loud voice. On the 29th of December, 2019, he tweeted that he can’t wait to see the headlines that read, “neighbors contact the authorities because Florida guy shouts too loudly while playing the Wii.” This was included in the tweet he sent out announcing that he was relocating from Michigan to Florida. In addition, Poofesure became a member of the YouTube community on March 9, 2009, and his channel has received a total of 194,779,517 views as of this writing.

When he started college, he stopped uploading glitch videos of Call of Duty 5, something he had been doing before. In 2017, he went back to his channel and started releasing videos on a more consistent basis. The “LoLz” series is considered to be Poofesure’s most well-known work; the majority of his other well-known works focus on mocking other players. In a similar vein, he published his debut video for the Wii Sports franchise in November of 2012. The number of people who have subscribed to Poofesure has surged drastically in only the last five months. It went from having 50,000 members to having 140,000 subscribers.

In June of 2018, he started uploading videos titled “Fortnite Hacks,” and since September of the same year, he has collected a considerable number of followers. The video titled “Call of Duty 5 Wii Cliffside Glitches” is the most recent upload to his channel. It was published on June 9, 2009, and there have been more than 35,000 views of it up to this point. The other three oldest videos on Poofesure’s official YouTube channel are Call of Duty 5 Glitches on Castle (Wii), which has 3.5k views; The Conduit Friend Code-The Conduit Friend Code Exchange, which has 6.2k views; and Why I Hate Black Ops: Napalm Strikes Are Bullshit, which has 6.1k views. Each of these videos has a different number of views.

Poofesure Relationship

In a similar vein, I was wondering whether this song may help my MI find a partner on Tomodachi Life… I play as Toad on Mario Party 9 Wii angry and amusing moments, which has garnered over 479 thousand views, and I tried for 11 hours to earn a perfect game on Wii Sports Bowling, but this is as near as I could get… There have been 649 thousand views combined on his three most recent videos on his channel. In addition, When A Default Skin Has Building Hacks on Fortnite… is the only video on the site that has received more than 4 million views.

The day it was published was June 24th, 2018. Both “Crashing Papa’s Wingeria” and “Wii Unfit” have achieved more than 3.5 million views each. Crashing Papa’s Wingeria was accomplished by providing Taylor with 1,026 wings. In addition to that, Professor produced a spoof video for the gameplay of Call of Duty, which used Katy Perry’s “Roar.” On the Wii game, Elisa, Tommy, and Lucia are Poofesure’s opponents to compete against.

Abby plays the role of his girlfriend in the same game. Beef boss, Abby, Alfie (the first kid of Beef boss and Abby), Fishsticks, Moo, Pierre (Butthole), Gary, Dudydude, Elisa (Poo Breath), Ken taro, Shinnosuke (Shinnosuke), Helen (mean Helen), Theo (Fivehead), Sakura (married to Dudydude), Tommy (ass Recker), Eva (bubal Eva), and Matt were all there

Although it is known that Professor attended a university in Florida, he hasn’t shared much information about his family, including his parents and siblings. Furthermore, he hasn’t stated anything about his schooling either. He got his start in the video gaming business at a young age when he began playing games, and his passion for the industry has only grown as he has gotten older. When he made the decision to launch his YouTube channel, he was still a student in high school.

Poofesure Career

Funny gameplay videos made by a creator who first gained a following for his work related to the game Fortnite and then expanded to include stuff related to other games. Primarily, he records the action on a personal computer, although he also sometimes uses a Wii or a PlayStation 4. His videos have been seen online more than 501 million times together. In addition to that, he has provided live streaming via the Caffeine platform. March of 2009 was the month when he first registered for his channel. In the beginning, he uploaded glitch movies for Call of Duty 5. While he was at college, he took a break from posting on his channel, but he came back in 2017.

It was his video titled “When a Default Skin contains Building Hacks on Fortnite…” that became his first video to get 3 million views. Additionally, he has been known to upload movies pertaining to the games Among Us and Minecraft. He was born and raised in Michigan. His true name is Keenan Robert Kowalski. In December of 2019, he posted a picture on his Instagram account that included his loved ones. He makes his home in Florida at the moment.

Keenan was initially guarded about his appearance, but ever since he shot to stardom on a global scale, he has been willing to show his face. His first video was a walkthrough of the Cliffside issues in “Call of Duty 5”, which also happened to be his first game. Professor proceeded with videos that were quite similar to those previously released, and then he released “Black Ops,” followed by a series of videos titled “Why I Hate Black Ops.” He began off by engaging in a variety of activities, including “Cooking Mama.”

“Modern Warfare,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Battlefield,” and a great number of other games. His number of subscribers continued to rise, and in November 2012 he reached the milestone of 10,000 for the first time. In spite of his unwavering commitment, he had a hard time winning over new fans. In order to pursue his education, he took a break from his YouTube profession in the year 201, but he came back to it in 2017.

After a brief absence, he went back to YouTube to play the game “Friday the 13th,” and then he moved on to “Fortnite.” This shift was a brilliant decision on his part, as it allowed his fan base to start expanding at an exponential rate, reaching 500,000 members in August of this year. Every day, there were brand new “Fortnite” videos uploaded to the channel, which resulted in an increase in the number of followers he had. On October 9, 2019, he became the youngest YouTube celebrity to reach the one million subscriber mark, and he now has just under 1.9 million subscribers.

Poofesure Bio Data
Real NamePoofesure
Nick NamePoofesure
Profession YouTube Personality and Gamer
Physical Stats & MoreNA
Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight NA
Body Measurements NA
Shoe Size (U.S)NA
Eye ColourNA
Hair ColourNA
Personal LifeNA
Date of Birth February 16, 1995
Age27 years
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac sign / Sun signAquarius
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)NA
Nationality​ American
HometownNot Known
Educational QualificationsNot Known
Boys, Affairs and MoreNA
Marital StatusNA
Dating History?NA
Money NA
Salary/Fees NA
Net Worth $2.7 million
Social ProfilesNA
WebsiteWill Be Updated Soon

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Poofesure Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/Poofesure

Poofesure YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwboyKXJkCiHajQorzh-agQ

Poofesure Official Website: NA

Poofesure Contact Details:

Poofesure WhatsApp Contact Details: NA

Poofesure Address: United States

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