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PlainRock124 Bio Data:

Plainrock124 is the name of King Liang’s channel, which he created in the United States and hosts on YouTube. His smashing films, which are collected into a series named “Bored Smashing,” are what brought him the most attention online. On the social network, he is a one-of-a-kind comedian known for breaking a variety of electronic devices, including video game consoles, computers, mobile phones, and so on.

On his other channel, which is named PlainrockVlogs, Liang posts new vlogs on a regular basis. Because of the unique manner in which he presents his films, a significant number of subscribers have subscribed to both of his channels. Although he has a large number of supporters on social media, Liang has also received a great deal of criticism from the audience.

A lot of people refer to him as “crazy,” and they don’t agree with his actions of breaking things that don’t need to be broken. The YouTuber, who is a really chill person, isn’t bothered by the criticism that is sent in his direction. Even when his critics disapprove of the things he does, he continues to pursue the activities that bring him joy. He is known for his upbeat demeanor, his wacky sense of humor, and his generally optimistic outlook, all of which contribute to his widespread appeal.

On August 24, 2011, King Liang introduced his Plainrock124 channel to the YouTube community. His first video was titled “percent @#! You Pantropical,” in which he discussed Pantropically, an online role-playing game, and expressed his displeasure with the recently implemented feature of membership registration that the company had implemented. After this, a smashing video dubbed “Bored Smashing – Tamagotchi” appeared online, in which Liang attempted a variety of different smashing techniques on Tamagotchi. This video was a hit, and it was quickly followed by other videos that were just as successful.

When the YouTuber published the video titled “How to Annoy Phone Scammers” in May of 2015, his channel reached new heights of success for the first time. In this video, Liang demonstrates various strategies that may be used to combat those who commit phone scams. The video was shot to fame in a very short amount of time. At this time, it has received more than 7 million views (As of October 2018). In November of that year, Liang created another film that contributed to his being even more famous. This video was released online. This video was titled “50 Ways to Break a Tablet,” and it can be seen here.

Since then, he has made it a habit to regularly share wonderful films, and as a result, he has amassed a respectable number of followers. Today, more than 500,000 people subscribe to Liang’s channel, which is known as Plainrock124. It is highly recommended that you take the time to watch the video titled “50 Ways to Break a NINTENDO Switch,” since it is one of the most popular videos on this channel. On January 24, 2015, King Liang debuted his own video blogging channel under the name PlainrockVlogs. He has been posting on this more personal channel about the intriguing things that have been happening in his life. This secondary channel now has more than 300,000 members as of the date of this writing.

On February 4, 1999, King Liang was born in the United States of America. His ancestors settled in the Flagstaff area of Arizona. One of his siblings is a sister. His family is of Chinese and Japanese ancestry. His sardonic style of humor and acerbic demeanor have earned him a reputation among his peers. Liang said in a video that he does not have a sexual orientation. During a question and answer session, he said that Jonathan Jafari was his favorite personality on YouTube. His followers are referred to as “PlainrockVlogs124ers” by Liang. He despises the firm Dell since he’s owned two of their computers, both of which have given him a lot of trouble.

YouTube user who goes by the name Plainrock124 and has gained the most popular due to the smashing films he posts as part of a series dubbed “Bored Smashing.” He is notorious for destroying various kinds of technology, such as computers and video gaming consoles. He started his own channel on YouTube in August of 2011, and he uploaded his first video in November of the same year, in which he voiced his displeasure with Pantropic AL’s decision to implement a membership registration requirement.

PlainRock124 Relationship

He has almost 2 million people subscribed to his channel. His video titled “How to Annoy Phone Scammers” was his first video to reach one million views. The city of Flagstaff, Arizona, is his hometown. He is of Asian origin. He had a sibling when he was growing up. During a question and answer session, he said that Scott Wozniak, also known as Scott The Woz, was his favorite YouTuber. King is the host of a series called “50 Ways to Break,” in which he breaks a particular electronic gadget via the use of fifty different comedic skits.

The first two videos show King breaking the product while it is dry, and the second video shows him breaking it while it is wet. The next 48 videos are comedic sketches that include breaking the merchandise. The last video in the series, titled 50 ways to break, shows him repeatedly destroying the product with a sledgehammer. In addition, King is the creator of another series called “As part of his series “Bored Smashing,” in which he seeks out and demonstrates the most perilous methods to destroy a product, he has developed a subgenre of the Bored Smashing franchise known as “Bored Smashing:

Phones at the Grocery Store “In this episode, he goes to a grocery store to purchase a phone and then proceeds to smash it in the same way that the Bored Smashing series does. He also has a series called “Moving On,” in which he updates his technology in a way that his fans find interesting, and he has a series called “2 Generous 4 U,” in which he provides technology to his family and friends; however, he hasn’t released an episode of this series in the meanwhile. He also hosts a series called “How to Flex,” in which he instructs viewers on how to “weirdly” flex a variety of different items.

In 2017, he rose to prominence after publishing a video on YouTube with the title THE JAKE PAUL TEAM 10 TOUR EXPERIENCE (Awful). As a consequence of this, people began to refer to him as “The Kid Who Went to the Jake Paul Concert.” Bored Smashing, 50 Ways to Break, Moving On, and How Not to Unbox are some of the series that can be seen on his main channel. The majority of his films combine comedic skits with the destruction of a certain object, which is almost always an electrical one.

PlainrockVlogs is the name of a second channel that Liang maintains, on which he mostly discusses his day-to-day existence. During the summer months, he travels to both the E3 and the Vicon conferences and vlogs his experiences at each one. In addition, Liang documents on video his annual Black Friday shopping exploits. On his vlog channel, he has a number of popular series, including My Vintage Mac Collection, PlainrockToyz, My Expensive Mistakes, and Hoarders. The video titled “25 WAYS TO BREAK A SWITCH LITE,” which was released by Liang on December 18, 2019, has received the most views. As of the 4th of January in 2021, there have been more than 29 million views.

PlainRock124 Career

After smashing a PlayStation 5 and an Xbox Series X in November 2020, Liang gained notice from a variety of gaming news websites. The video that the YouTuber uploaded in May 2015 under the title “How to Annoy Phone Scammers” was the catalyst for the channel’s meteoric rise to new heights. In this video, Liang will teach you how to defend yourself from con artists that call you on the phone. The video became quite popular very quickly. Over seven million individuals have seen it up to this point (As of October 2018).

In November of that year, Liang released another video that skyrocketed his popularity and brought him even more attention. Watch the video titled “50 Different Ways to Break a Tablet.” In the years that have passed since then, he has gained a significant number of followers by uploading films of himself repeatedly shattering various objects. As of right now, more than 500,000 people tune in to watch Plainrock124. Watch this video to learn 50 different ways to damage a Nintendo Switch! This video is consistently ranked among the channel’s most-watched content.

It was during this time that King Liang established a channel on YouTube known as PlainrockVlogs. It was on January 24th, 2015 that it happened. He has been posting on this account, which is more personal to him, about the intriguing things that have occurred in his life recently. Up to this point, there have been more than 300,000 individuals who have subscribed to this second channel. It was on February 4, 1999, that he entered this world in the United States. His ancestors settled in the Flagstaff area of Arizona. Here is his hometown; this is where he was born. He is the older brother of both of his siblings. His ancestors originated in Asia. He is recognized for having a satirical sense of humor as well as being a little bit snarky at times. Liang said in a video that he had no romantic interest in anybody else.

During a question and answer session, he said that Jonathan Jafari was his favorite personality on YouTube. PlainrockVlogs124ers are the folks that like Liang’s films and become referred to as “PlainrockVlogs124ers.” Because he has experienced poor performance from two of Dell’s PCs in the past, he dislikes the brand. King Liang is an American who creates films on YouTube and uploads them to his channel, which is known as Plainrock124. On his channel, “Bored Smashing,” he posts films in which he destroys various objects. He is a one-of-a-kind performer on social media who breaks a wide variety of items, including video gaming consoles, computers, and mobile phones, among other things. PlainrockVlogs is the name of a second channel that Liang maintains and on which he uploads several videos documenting the activities that he participates in.

Both of his channels have a large number of subscribers because of the engaging way in which he delivers his films. Despite having a large number of followers on various social media platforms, Liang’s popularity among the general population remains low. Many people believe that he is insane, and they dislike the manner that he haphazardly disposes of things. Because he is a wonderful guy, the YouTuber doesn’t seem to worry about the bad attention he’s receiving, and it seems that he doesn’t care about it either. He continues to behave the way he chooses, despite the fact that his detractors dislike his mannerisms. Because he is such a wacky, positive, and fun-loving guy, his followers just like him.

PlainRock124 Bio Data
Real NameKing Liang
Nick Name PlainRock124
Profession YouTube Personality
Physical Stats & MoreNA
Height NA
Weight Not Known
Body Measurements Not Known
Shoe Size (U.S)NA
Eye ColourNA
Hair ColourNA
Personal LifeNA
Date of BirthFebruary 4, 1999
Age23 years
Birth PlaceYakima, Washington, United States
Zodiac sign / Sun signAquarius
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)NA
HometownNot Known
Educational QualificationsNot Known
Girls, Affairs and MoreNA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Dating History?NA
Money NA
Salary/Fees Under Review
Net Worth NA
Social ProfilesNA
WebsiteWill Be Updated Soon

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