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Muselk Bio Data :

Muselk is an Australian YouTuber who used to be a Twitch live streamer in his earlier days. Muselk is best known for his gaming videos, which he posts on his YouTube channel of the same name. For example, Overwatch, Fortnite, Garry’s Mods, Rainbow Six Siege, and Star Wars Battlefront are just a few of the games in which he has expertise. As of right moment, he has more than 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 220 thousand followers on Twitch, according to his profile pages.

Additionally, Watkins is well-liked on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; he has hundreds of thousands of followers on all three social media networks combined. In actual life, the Australian gamer is a really sophisticated and stylish gentleman. He is a video game enthusiast who has a great deal of energy. It is the fact that each and every game video on his YouTube channel is entertaining to watch that makes him the most popular YouTuber. Some video game enthusiasts have a habit of watching them over and over again. The reason that practically every famous video on his channel has received over one million views is due to this!

Muselk launched his YouTube channel on January 13, 2012, according to his website. He has uploaded more than 500 videos to his YouTube channel to far. The videos ‘Winning Fortnite With No Weapons’, ‘The One Chest Challenge – Fortnite Battle Royale’, and ‘Duos With *NINJA* In Fortnite Battle Royale’ are among the most popular on the channel. The first video, which has received more than 13 million views and 244 thousand likes, shows Watkins attempting to win a game of Fortnite without using any weapons.

Muselk Phone Number

There have been over 8.9 million views and 90,000 likes for the second video, which features an individual playing Fortnite as part of a challenge-based gaming video. The third gaming video has received more than 7 million views and has received more than 113 thousand likes. This video is also worth watching for its unique perspective.

Watkins’ other gaming videos are also well worth viewing, and they are similar in style to these. These are not to be missed by video game enthusiasts. According to data from April 2018, the channel had over 4.7 million subscribers, making it the most popular on the platform. It has also received about 1.2 billion views to far.

Grizzly Berry, Uncle Dane, and STAR are just a few of the YouTuber’s many friends, who include other gamers. He was featured in Uncle Dane’s video titled “MvM With YouTubers #2,” which was uploaded to YouTube. In addition to Zack Scott, King Raja, ScottJAW, and Grizzly Berry, this video featured Zack Scott. He also appeared in a video with STAR, titled “Community Market Gardener,” in which they were both featured. “You either die as a hero or watch yourself slowly deteriorate into a villain,” he says in his favourite personal quotation. Muselk was formerly involved with fellow YouTuber HyperShame, however the pair ended their relationship in April 2016. In the following years, he was in a relationship with a young lady named Lynette. Liv Bevan is the name of the female with whom he is currently in a relationship.

Elliott Watkins, better known by his YouTube handle Muselk, is a well-known YouTube star who specialises in gaming-related videos. His channel, Muselk, is the name of his YouTube channel. That’s one of the primary reasons why most people refer to him by his stage name, “The Channel.” In the Gaming Category, he enjoys games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Garry’s Mods, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Star Wars Battlefront II. Aside from that, he has played a variety of other games and uploaded videos of them to YouTube. As a result, he has more than 9 million subscribers to his personal YouTube channel, according to YouTube.


He used to do Overwatch and Fortnite game streaming on the Twitch site, and he was known for it. He had a large number of followers on twitch,y where he streamed. The fact is that he is no longer creating videos for this platform. Muselk is also a member of a well-known YouTube gaming group by the name of Click. In this Collaborative channel, a large number of well-known YouTube stars work together to create material such as Vlogs, Games, Pranks, and Challenges. As of this writing, the channel has approximately 3 million subscribers. As a result, it has assisted him in gaining a significant quantity of popularity as well as financial benefit from that source.

Muselk will be 27 ears old in 2021, and he will celebrate his birthday on November 22nd that year. He was born in the Australian state of New South Wales in 1994. Sagittarius is the sign of the zodiac he was born under. He is a follower of the Christian faith and a citizen of the Australian Republic.

Muselk’s educational history leads us to believe that he is planning to drop out of the University. His Law Degree and an internship with a respected firm in his hometown were both on hold when he had his first big break on YouTube, forcing him to abandon his plans. Ms. Alision Watkins, Muselk’s mother, worked as the Group Managing Director of Coca-Cola Amatil, which was one of the largest corporations in Australia at the time. Rod Watkins is his father’s given name. Muselk also has three sisters, IIsa Watkins, Meg Watkins, and Grace Watkins, who are all members of the Watkins family.

IISA Watkins is a model and social media star who is well-known on Instagram, where she is known for posting fashion and lifestyle images. Her Instagram account currently has more than 300,000 followers, which is a large number in this day and age.

Grace Watkins is the younger sister of Muselk Watkins, who works as a film director. She used to direct digital videos and has a YouTube channel, which she used to run.

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