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LookingForLewys Bio Data:

Lewys Ball gave birth to LookingForLewys on June 7, 1999, in the country of Scotland. During his time at college, he concentrated on English literature, theatre studies, philosophy, and ethics. He is presently enrolled in a school in the United Kingdom. He has never been in a relationship of any kind and has always remained single. Regarding the topic of his sexual orientation, he has chosen not to comment. Lewys Ball, a British fashion and lifestyle “YouTube” celebrity and social media influencer, publishes her content under the alias “LookingForLewys.” Makeup tutorials, hauls, and even some music covers here and there helped him gain notoriety online. Although he began by uploading videos concerning his animals, he quickly discovered that he had a strong interest in making cosmetics lessons and fashion vlogs.

His attitude that fashion and makeup should be accessible to all people, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity, is one of the things that sets him apart from the crowd. It’s possible that this is why he has one of the most devoted fan bases on all of the social media platforms. ‘The Truth About Love Island… (Tea was Spilt) with Savanna’ is one of his most popular videos, and it features Savanna. “American Listens to British Music for the Very First Time, Featuring Kenzie Elizabeth” “Full Face of High End First Impressions | Trying New Makeup,” is what the title of this video says. in addition to ‘$1,000 Sephora Haul | Biggest Sephora Haul Ever?!’ In addition to this, he created a new chapter in beauty industry annals by being the first male brand ambassador for Rimmel London.

In addition to that, he was named to the Teen Power List published by The Guardian. There is no question about the fact that he is one of the most influential teenagers of this generation. On November 19, 2013, Lewys Ball launched the primary channel for his “YouTube” content under the name “LookingForLewys.” It was from the novel “Looking for Alaska” written by John Green that he got the idea for the name “LookingForLewys.” In the beginning, he began by posting films that were aimless and had no structure. After breaking his arm and being forced to stay at home for a while, everything started to change for him. During this time, he began watching films created by Zoella and other people that were geared toward a particular demographic of viewers.

LookingForLewys Phone Number

LookingForLewys Relationship

He does not yet have a spouse and is not currently single. Regarding his relationships and extramarital activities, there is no information available. Aside from this one fact, there is no further information concerning his previous relationships and indiscretions. Because of the makeup and beauty video he posted on social media, there is speculation that he is gay. However, he has not revealed it to anyone as of yet. Aside from that, there are no speculations and debates about him at this time. A person with a free spirit avoids situations in which they are surrounded by gossip and conflict, preferring to direct their attention instead toward their professional pursuits. However, he clears the air by publicly resolving the matter through the use of social media. This channel shares content such as vlogs, beauty videos, and other content similar to that seen on the main channel. The channel does not yet have a significant number of postings from him. However, due to the fact that he was a boy, he had difficulty expressing his desire; however, as time went on, he worked up the bravery to become a YouTuber.

On February 23, 2014, he shared his first video geared toward a certain audience. It was published under the heading “Primary School Observations,” and it received more than 34,000 views. The video provided his information with a clear focus and objective. After this, he started making vlogs online that were geared toward people his age while he was still attending school. These included ‘Fall Morning Routine / Collab with Floral Princess,’ ‘Netflix, Sweaters, and New Series,’ and ‘Sh!t Teachers Say.’ These videos helped him acquire more viewers, which benefited him. During this same period of time, LookingForLewys was also introduced to the world of makeup. He started off by watching cosmetics tutorials since he like the creative aspect of applying makeup. However, due to the fact that he was a boy, he had difficulty articulating his enthusiasm. He was able to set aside some cash and purchase some cosmetics from the store known as ‘Boots.’

This event was a defining moment in his life because it not only inspired him to start wearing makeup but also motivated him to start making cosmetics tutorial videos for the website YouTube. The first few cosmetics tutorials he posted quickly garnered thousands of views each. The titles of some of these films were things like “Spring Everyday Makeup Routine | Teenage Boy” and “Collective Beauty Haul | Mac Cinderella, the Balm, Sigma, & More.” Because of his skill in producing content geared toward students, he gained a lot of popularity among younger viewers. The popularity of his videos “Weekend Morning Routine / Spring 2015” and “Anxiety, Hate, and Exams | Advice Q&A” led to a significant increase in the number of subscribers and views his channel received. Unfortunately, as soon as he started making cosmetic videos, he also started getting hateful comments on the internet.

LookingForLewys Career

He, on the other hand, was unfazed by the criticism. This ended up being very helpful for him. After it was uploaded to YouTube in August 2015 under the title ‘My Everyday Makeup Routine | Teenage Boy,’ it quickly became one of his first videos to amass more than 100,000 views. Since then, more than 23 million people have watched films posted by Lewys Ball on his channel. Additionally, the number of people who follow him on ‘YouTube’ has increased to over 386 thousand. Because LookingForLewys has over 186 thousand followers following him on the social media platform Instagram, he is considered to be one of the most influential teenagers on social media. Two of his most popular videos on YouTube are collaborations, and each of those videos has had more than one million views. ‘The Truth About Love Island… (Tea was Spilt) with Savanna’ and ‘American Listens to British Music for the First Time featuring Kenzie Elizabeth’ are the titles of the two videos. Vlogs such as “Opening My A-Level Results 2017 “LIVE REACTION” on Camera,” “I Tried Following Kendall Jenner’s Vogue Makeup Tutorial (and had a breakdown),” and “I Tried Following A James Charles Makeup Tutorial (sister’s shaking)” have all contributed to the ever-increasing popularity of this individual.

His power to persuade others and effect positive change has spread beyond the realm of social media and into the wider world. It was disclosed in January 2017 that the beauty megabrand Rimmel London has made LookingForLewys their first male spokes model by including him in their “Live the London Look” campaign. This made LookingForLewys the first male model to ever be hired by Rimmel London. In addition to that, he took part in the “Summer in the City 2016” online video festival held in London. A few of months earlier than this, Lewys had signed a management contract with “Gleam Futures,” which is recognised as being among the most successful YouTube management companies. In addition to that, he maintains his advocacy for gender and racial fluidity across the board in terms of design and makeup. He has not yet been selected as a winner for any of the prizes, nor has he been shortlisted for any of them.

Aside from that, the subscriber count on his social media account is already in the hundreds, and his YouTube channel is continuing its quick expansion. In order for him to have a chance of winning the prizes in the future. In a similar vein, it is estimated that his net worth is between one hundred thousand dollars and one million dollars. Aside from that, there is no other information available, like his salary, the cars he drives, or the properties he owns. His popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms, as well as the advertising he has been in, have contributed to his net worth. LookingForLewys has dark brown eyes, and their hair is also dark brown. In addition to this, he has a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 metres) and a weight of 65 kilogrammes (143 lbs). Aside from that, there is no more information on his waist, chest, or hip measurement, and he has a body type that is kept in good condition. In addition to that, he has a second channel that goes by the name LewysLife and was launched on October 11th, 2014.

Email Address>
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lookingforlewys/
Fanmail Address (residence address)United States
Instagram Handlehttps://www.instagram.com/lookingforlewys/?hl=en
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
Texting NumberNA
Twitter https://twitter.com/lookingforlewys?ref_src=twsrc%
Whatsapp No.NA

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LookingForLewys Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/lookingforlewys/

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LookingForLewys Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/lookingforlewys?ref_src=twsrc%

LookingForLewys YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/lookingforlewys

LookingForLewys Official Website: NA

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LookingForLewys Address: United States

LookingForLewys Phone Number: NA

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