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Kidd G Bio Data:

When Dustin, Kidd G’s older brother, received his first car, Kidd G was 11 years old. Dustin wasn’t quite old enough to drive it yet, but he could use it to listen to music, and he and his younger brother would sit in the front seat for hours, soaking in Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug, and Chance the Rapper. Eventually, Dustin became old enough to drive it. Soon enough, Kidd G began instructing himself on how to perform freestyle. Kidd G, whose real name is Jonathan Gabriel Horne and who is known as Gabe to his pals, began writing his own music by the time he was 16 years old. His style is a scathing emo-rap that is obviously indebted to Juice WRLD and is full of lush melodies and ticked-off lyrics. Kidd G made his debut on the Billboard charts as a country artist in the fall of 2016, around a year after he first began uploading songs to Sound Cloud and only a few short months after he turned 17 years old.

In October, his single “Dirt Road,” which was his first attempt at country music, made No. 40 on hot country songs simply off streaming, which is an outlier for that chart because it favors radio hits. “Dirt Road” was released as his first attempt at country music. “I don’t want to try to make myself something that I’m not,” Kidd G said in a video interview from his family’s house in Hamilton, Georgia, one month ago, with a gleaming, bedecked Christmas tree in the background. “I don’t want to try to make myself something that I’m not.” “I came from making these melancholy rap songs, but I actually grew up in the country,” he explained. That being said, I’m not trying to make a good impression on anybody.

The meteoric ascension of Kidd G, whose debut EP, “Teenage Dream,” was released on Thanksgiving and climbed at No. 3 on Billboard’s heat seekers albums chart, is a study in fluidity. This is true even in the present pop caldron, in which singers sample and discard identities with ease. It also presents an interesting challenge to the boundaries of country music, which is an industry that is still struggling with the aftereffects of “Old Town Road” anxieties around genre and race and is mostly resistant to outside talent. An intriguing litmus test will be how it accepts or rejects a young man from a rural area who writes country music despite having a head full of hip-hop influences.

Teenage Dream” isn’t terribly out of sync with modern country music, especially in a universe post-Florida Georgia Line and Sam Hunt, but it flirts with hybridity in a few different ways throughout the song. Teenage Dream” is a song about a girl who has a dream of being a rock star. On the track “Small Town Girl,” Kidd G leans into some of the distressed sing-rapping that was a feature of his earliest songs. This style of rapping was a signature of his earlier work. As well as that, “Down the Road” does that, particularly when he sings about deer season, but it also features transitions into more standard rap cadences at other points. And all the way through, the drums in the production have a far stronger connection to hip-hop than they do to country.

Kidd G Relationship

Kidd G used to focus the majority of his attention on sports, mainly baseball and fishing, before he decided to dedicate himself to composing music full-time. (Because of his fishing ability, two different colleges offered him scholarships.) However, in 2019, he started recording snippets of songs and posted them to TikTok. He did this while frequently rapping to the camera while sitting sideways in the front seat of his mother’s Toyota Camry. “I’m more of a truck guy,” he asserts, and his own vehicle is a Ford F-150 from 2002 with a manual transmission. By the time Christmas rolled around that year, he had come to the conclusion that he wanted to pursue music on a more serious level, and he requested from his parents that they build him a studio in his bedroom.

Because there weren’t many other people doing the same thing in Hamilton, his one-stoplight city, Kidd G enlisted the assistance of a friend named Nolie Beats. Nolie Beats was one grade above him in high school and had some expertise with producing. During that time off for the holidays, the two of them toiled away, recording multiple songs on a daily basis: Kidd G remarked that the band “thought” they were making singles that would appear on the Billboard chart. Almost as soon as word got around in his hometown that he was trying to make music something more than a pastime, he was confronted with “don’t get beyond your raise” suspicion, which translates to “don’t get over your head.” “When I first started hearing all of these allegations floating around my hometown about me, that’s when things really started to become serious,” he stated. “Parents gave me that ehhhhhhh look, and I was like, all right, so this is what I’m doing now,” she said.

The local pessimists served as a source of inspiration for Kidd G. He did not give up and instead proceeded to dig down. He started uploading songs to Sound Cloud and promoted them on TikTok. “It all started with me making songs for myself,” he explained, “and me trying to craft that one song that my buddies are like, OK, I’m going to get in the vehicle today, and I’m going to listen to Gabe’s song.” Several of them are very good, including “AKs and Glock Nines,” a song about heartbreak that Kidd G said was in fact inspired by a rift with his father, pain that he was trying to obscure; the burly “Simple Things (Imma Ball Remix);” the glossy “Gravity;” and the Lil Peep-esque plaint, “Told you I love you, I didn’t even mean it/Sent me a text.

Rebel Music, a record label and management business based in Miami that specializes in hip hop (YNW Melly, Hotboii, Kaash Paige, Dominic Fike), is the one that signed him after discovering him in the spring of last year. “I’m really intrigued by just the genre-blending part of it, because it could pull in so many kids that are just like him,” said Javier Sang, the founder and chief executive officer of Rebel. “I’m really intrigued by just the genre-blending side of it.” Kidd G and his parents were able to attend meetings and studio time in Miami thanks to the label. (During one of the sessions, Kidd G’s mother said a prayer in the recording booth; this prayer was eventually incorporated into the song “Letter.”)

Kidd G Career

Kidd G stated that during that period of time, the sound that he currently creates “wasn’t even a thought.” He continued his career as a rapper. However, after that came “Dirt Road,” a mopey but cheerful breakup song with evident country intentions: “I need another beer, don’t want my eyesight clear/Small town, so I see you everywhere.” I couldn’t help but wonder, if I were to write a country song, what would the chord progression be?” Kidd G mentioned this about his turn. He discovered the beat on YouTube, where it was billed as a XXXTentacion-style beat and was created by Ryini Beats. (The arrangement is more reminiscent of an acoustic country soother, but with trap production.) The end product became a fan favourite not only among him and his pals, but also, and this is a good sign, among his grandma, who one day offered her support by knocking on his bedroom door and asking, “Gabriel?” And I’m like, ‘Yes, ma’am,’ And then she says something along the lines of, “I really loved it.”

The excitement that Grandma displayed was a portent of things to come. After teasing “Dirt Road” on TikTok for some time, Kidd G eventually published the full version of the song, and it quickly became his first viral smash. Soon after, he had accumulated the following of 150,000 new users on TikTok. (He continues to have the most success with it, as evidenced by the nearly 800,000 people that follow him.) And the response to the song helped him shift the emphasis of his musical career. The songwriter and producer Bonnie Dymond was brought on board to assist in the development of Kidd G’s talent, which is still in the process of blossoming. Songwriting, according to Kidd G, is “not like baseball,” and “let me go hit the batting cages” is not an appropriate analogy. ”

I need someone that’s like, ‘Gabe, see, listen, you said you want to be better? Exert yourself in this. Dymond highlighted the fact that Kidd G’s experience freestyling lyrics and melodies in the studio was an advantage to the creative process. She stated that “His rap pen undoubtedly plays such a significant role in the way that he crafts a song.” She continued by saying, “But then he can flip on his country twang, and he becomes like country Juice WRLD.” He has a tone that is quite reminiscent of Juice WRLD and Post Malone. There are a lot of instances in the vocal booth where I’ll be doing something and he’ll be doing something else, and I’ll be thinking to myself, “That sounds so good, but you need to twang it out, you know?.

It is not known if Kidd G will continue to make songs with a country-oriented audience in mind. “If he’s going to make, you know, some country-sounding records sometimes, and some pop-sounding records sometimes, and some hip-hop-sounding records sometimes, I think it’s fine,” said Lee L’Heureux, the general manager of Geffen Records, which signed Kidd G through a partnership with Rebel Music. “If he’s going to make, you know, some pop-sounding records sometimes, and some country-sounding records sometimes, I think it’s fine He went on to say that the objective for the time being is to “anchor a little bit of a root in the country space” with the intention of “trying to convey a consistent message.”

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