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JoblessGarrett Bio Data:

Amazing gamer JoblessGarrett, whose actual name is Garrett Sutton, came to prominence thanks to the video footage he created for the Grand Theft Auto computer game. He has become a rising sensation on YouTube thanks to the popularity of his gaming material in garnering a significant number of subscribers in a very short period of time. JoblessGarrett is an American YouTuber who is most known for releasing vlogs, gaming material such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2, and also game hacks such as How to level up in RDR2 and RDR2 Gameplay to his channel, JoblessGarrett. His channel also has Red Dead Redemption 2 showcases!

To this day, as of the month of June in 2018, he has amassed more than 1.6 million members. Additionally, his channel has had a combined total of almost 270,783,136 views since it was created. In addition to YouTube, he also has sizable followings on the majority of the other social media channels he uses. Additionally, at the time that this story was written, he had more than 246 thousand followers on his Instagram account alone.

Sponsorship: Because he has more than 246,000 followers on his Instagram account, marketers are willing to pay a set sum for the post that they create to be associated with him. When his most recent 15 posts are taken into consideration, the average engagement rate of followers on each of his posts is 2.54 percent. Therefore, a reasonable estimate places the price that he asks for sponsorship somewhere in the range of $737.25 and $1,228.75 on average.

YouTube: YouTube has been a place where individuals can work by interacting with viewers and being paid for the advertisements they see while viewing their videos. This has allowed many to earn a living off of YouTube. YouTube is where JoblessGarrett generates the majority of his wages and income, therefore his situation is comparable. His number of subscribers and watchers has substantially increased over the course of the last several years. On his channel, he now has more than 1.6 million subscribers, and each day, an average of 35,507 people see his content.

By measuring the number of daily views and the development of subscribers, we may estimate that he makes between $3,200 and $51,100 year from his YouTube channel. After taking into account all of the sources of income he has had throughout the years, including those described above, and doing the necessary calculations, JoblessGarrett’s estimated net worth is between $400,000 and $500,000 at this time. A joyful engagement was announced not too long ago in 2018, between Leah Ashe and Garrett Sutton. Due to the fact that they have a great deal in common with one another, they are the ideal partners for one another.

They are both famous YouTubers who post videos of themselves playing video games and going on excursions. The doting couple decided to expand their love and their family with the addition of a Siberian husky called Astro. There is currently no information available regarding his educational background or credentials.

However, it would seem from his accomplishments that he has a good education. On September 12, 2011, JoblessGarrett launched his own channel on YouTube and published his first video, titled “TeamFortress 2! Arrow Shooting and Head Chopin!.” Since that time, he has been posting a variety of video blogs including gaming content such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as game hacks such as “How to level up in RDR2,” “RDR2 Gameplay,” and “Red Dead Redemption 2 showcases!”

. Up to this point, he has not gotten himself involved in any unfavorable rumours or scandals that may be detrimental to his professional career. He has avoided anything that may possibly stir up rumours and controversy, which is a commendable display of professionalism on his part. Additionally, it is clear that he is not interested in gaining fame by participating in these activities.

YouTube gamer that mostly uploads gameplay and lessons pertaining to Grand Theft Auto. On his channel, JoblessGarrett, he also uploads a lot of first-person shooter games. Companies catering to gamers, such as G FUEL and Artesian, have supported him financially in the past. Before He Was Famous In September of 2011, he established his YouTube page and released his first video.
Trivia He now has more than 1.8 million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. In addition to that, he has published viral videos pertaining to games like Minecraft, Pokemon Go, Rust, and Fortnite.

JoblessGarrett Relationship

He spent his childhood in Miami, Florida, but then relocated to Los Angeles, California, which is on the other coast of the nation. In October of 2018, he made the proposal to his girlfriend and fellow YouTuber Leah Ashe, however they ended their relationship in December of 2019. He is in a relationship with another streamer whose name is Autumn Rhodes at the moment. Connections Made With He has gotten to know other people who play games on the internet, such as Jeremias.

Jobless When Garrett was about 13 years old, he tried out a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game for the first time on his own computer. He didn’t upgrade to the console version of the game until Grand Theft Auto V was out, at which point one of his pals persuaded him to purchase it on the basis that he would appreciate the tops mode of the game. After doing so, he started playing the game on his friend’s PC, at which point he was requested to test it out, at which point he fell in love with it and began producing video material for it. He had a great day and purchased some more

When he was a teenager, he and his two closest pals would spend the majority of their spare time playing video games together. In 2011, he became aware of Athene’s YouTuber campaign known as “Together to the top,” which placed an emphasis on more established broadcasters assisting less established streamers in their efforts to rise. Because of this, he was motivated to urge his buddies to launch their own YouTube accounts for fun, which they subsequently did. Unfortunately, over time, his pals stopped contributing to the material development, but he kept going strong in this endeavours.

JoblessGarrett Career

Jobless Following his graduation from Florida International University in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing, Garrett made the transition to streaming as his primary source of income. Due to the fact that he had just finished his education and they had anticipated that he would enter the working world, his family was not first enthusiastic about this choice.

Nevertheless, when his channel expanded and began to generate more revenue, they started to accept his choice. Although he streams a wide range of games, Grand Theft Auto V is his primary focus, and he now plays the role of Garrett Jobless in Lord Kibun’s Chang Gang JoblessGarrett has about 2,900 subscribers, which should earn him a minimum of $7,250 USD each month.

This does not include any extra cash that may be generated via the sale of items, sponsorships, gratuities, adverts, tiered subscriptions, or Twitch cheer bit donations. JoblessGarrett’s channel, which is called JoblessGarrett, features games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as game hacks such as “How to level up in RDR2,” “RDR2 Gameplay,” and “Red Dead Redemption 2 showcases!”

As the name of the channel implies, it was established by Garrett during a period in which he was jobless. At the moment, there are 1.89 million people who are subscribed to the channel. Leah Ashe, a fellow American YouTuber, and Garrett have just announced their engagement. However, at this time the couple does not have any children. The majority of Garrett’s fortune comes from the money that he makes via the streams that he hosts on his channel. At the present time, Garrett Sutton is projected to have a net worth of one million dollars.

JoblessGarrett is a well-known YouTube personality and gamer from the United States. He gained to prominence as a result of the Grand Theft Auto gameplay and lesson videos that he uploaded to his channel. It was in September 2011 that he uploaded his first video to YouTube.

On his JoblessGarrett channel, he also uploads various first-person shooter games. Garrett is also well-known on the video-sharing platform TikTok, where he broadcasts a wide range of movies and has accumulated more than 86.5 million loves on his videos up to this point. Additionally, he streamed live video games on his Twitch account.

JoblessGarrett Bio Data
Real Name Garrett Sutton
Nick NameJoblessGarrett
ProfessionYouTube Personality
Physical Stats & MoreNA
Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight NA
Body Measurements NA
Shoe Size (U.S)NA
Eye ColourLight Brown
Hair ColourLight Brown
Personal LifeNA
Date of BirthSeptember 24, 1990
Age31 years
Birth PlaceFlorida, United States
Zodiac sign / Sun signLibra
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight
HometownNot Known
Educational QualificationsNA
Boys, Affairs and MoreNA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Dating History?NA
Affairs/ girlfriend AutumnRhodess
Money NA
Salary/Fees NA
Net Worth $1 million
Social ProfilesNA
WebsiteWill Be Updated Soon

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