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GoodTimesWithScar is responsible for a large number of videos that have been uploaded to YouTube. The majority of these videos are related to Minecraft, and GoodTimesWithScar also creates tutorials on how to build houses in a variety of styles, including craftsman, rustic, traditional, and modern art. Additionally, Scar has played on several servers alongside other YouTubers, such as Wels knight Gaming, and most recently (as of May 2017), on the Hermit craft server. In addition to Minecraft, he has experience with a variety of other games, including The Forest, Planet Coaster, and Prison Architect, to name just a few. Because of the neuromuscular condition that Scar suffers from, he must occasionally take breaks from his work in order to receive treatment at the hospital. Jellie, Scar’s beloved pet cat, is popular among his followers and may even be found in Scar land, the expansive Minecraft survival realm that Scar has created for the game. In 2001, Scar was given a diagnosis of a neuromuscular disorder which impacted the nerve cells in his body that are responsible for controlling the muscles that are voluntary. As a result of this, he is unable to walk without the assistance of a wheelchair and must also carry an external oxygen pipe. Prior to this unlucky turn of events, he had a successful career as a photographer and had competed at a high level in swimming at the state level, reaching the top 5 ranks in the state.

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GoodTimesWithScar did not spend a lot of his childhood playing video games, and the only type of gaming console he had access to was the personal computer (PC), on which he played a variety of Rollercoaster Tycoon games. He owes some of his enthusiasm for Minecraft, which he began playing in 2010, to the fact that he was a fan of Legos when he was a child. In March of 2011, he began uploading Ground War commentary videos to his channel on YouTube. The following month, he also began uploading content related to Minecraft. After that, in late 2012, he began broadcasting the content he created in Minecraft. Since the beginning of season 6 in July 2018, when he joined Hermit Craft, he has been a member of the team. GoodTimesWithScar is well-known for his efforts as a landscape builder. He has put in a lot of effort to produce a number of expansive, intricate, and creative builds that have been included in the majority of GoodTimesWithScar Hermit craft Episodes and building tutorials. GoodTimesWithScar is an excellent choice for practically any type of construction, from terraformed islands to industrial metropolis to fantasy villages. GoodTimesWithScar is capable of constructing whatever you can imagine. Among the Hermits, he has a reputation for being an exceptionally skilled terraformed. In addition to this, he is well-known for his devotion to his cat, Jellie, whose name won the “Minecraft Cat” vote on Twitter and was subsequently included as Cat variation 9 in the 1.14 Java Edition release. His time-lapse music, namely a song by Lupus Note titled “Howling,” is also well-known and revered among the community. He is noted to have a demeanour that is both engaging and witty, as well as optimistic.

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On March 3, 2021, Scar shared with his devoted following the news that he has received a brand-new wheelchair. JerryRigEverything, a fellow YouTuber, constructed the wheelchair and presented it as a gift to its recipient. They developed an all-electric off-road wheelchair for him that was capable of travelling at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour on paved roads and could even navigate some rough trails. He then went on to record this life-altering incident and published an emotional video of himself touring his neighborhood, something that, owing to his illness, he had not done in the previous 15 years. He was even able to move around in his own backyard, which, due to the manual wheelchair he had been using in the past, he acknowledged he had not seen even once in the time since he moved into his current home. Fans were ecstatic to see him in a joyful state and flooded the comment section with sentiments that came from the heart. After witnessing him in such a joyful state, a number of people even admitted to crying tears. Because he devotes the most of his time to crafting game videos in which only his voice can be heard, he is not exactly the most open YouTuber that the community has to offer. Therefore, it was a wonderful sight to have a glimpse into his life since many people were concerned about his illness, which had lately gotten worse as a result of which he had been absent from both his house and the YouTube space for a period of time. He suffered from a neuromuscular ailment, which caused his muscles to become more frail and necessitated the consumption of greater oxygen. On his Instagram profile, which has more than 130,000 followers, he has shared content regarding the challenges he faces as a result of his illness.

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