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Yousef Erakat, who has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, is a creative user of the video-sharing medium that creates videos that are both amusing and thought-provoking. These have attracted a great number of viewers from throughout the world, particularly from the Middle Eastern diaspora. Prank videos, motivational talks, and workout videos are just a few of the styles he’s produced for his YouTube channel.

Every one of his videos is adventurous and original in that it takes on a different perspective on something or attempts to accomplish something different. Erakat is a hands-on comic that incorporates himself into the event as much as possible. He is willing to experiment with new acts and topics that are unfamiliar or unusual to him, and he always adds an amusing and daring attitude to anything he tackles.


He is also a rapper, and his first single, titled ‘Prideland,’ was released in 2015. He operates through a number of YouTube channels, the most prominent of which is fouseyTUBE, and is quite active on all of them, while still maintaining a sense of novelty and innovation in his content. He’s also a fitness enthusiast, which is great for him. Yousef Erakat was born into a Palestinian family and raised in a Palestinian community.

He received his bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University and relocated to Los Angeles to seek a career in acting. He was heavily active in fitness training, and he maintained a number of YouTube accounts where he posted fitness videos. However, it was only after he began filming movies about Middle Eastern culture, which he mixed with his fitness regimen, that he got widespread attention.

Over a period of time, these videos helped him get millions of new followers. He is also a stand-up comedian, singer, and public speaker. His well-known pranks give him an edge in his performances. He discusses a wide range of themes and shares his personal worries and opinions on other popular people, current events, and other topics of interest. Also, he enjoys traveling a great deal. Yousef Erakat is able to successfully integrate a range of styles and media to produce a dynamic and engaging presentation. In his own unique way, he bridges cultural divides and appeals to a diverse range of demographic groupings. His channel is full of irreverence, freshness, and boldness.

His acts and presentations are well-thought-out and deal with subjects that are relevant to today’s youth audience. His motivating speeches and music have elevated him to the status of a young icon, and specifically an icon for Asian youth. He exudes self-assurance and is brimming with ideas. Yousef constructs a tale or skits out of a variety of occurrences, and his audience accompanies him as he progresses through the story, which is frequently placed in the context of everyday life.

Yousef Erakat distinguishes himself from the crowd with his characteristic sense of humor, energy, and ingenuity. His observations cover a wide range of topics and are frequently caustic and highly entertaining. Yousef has produced visually compelling travelogues that bring a fresh perspective to the genre. A tour of five states on the west coast with YouTube star Roman Atwood took place in the spring of 2016 for which he received an honorable mention.

He is quite active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he keeps in touch with his supporters and viewers. His interest in physical fitness continues to be vital to him, and he incorporates it into other hobbies such as music in unexpected and creative ways. Even though he comes from a religious background, he has grappled with questions of religious identity throughout life.

In his videos, such as his 2014 vlog video ‘Why I Wanted to End My Life,’ he discusses these worries in a satirical or sardonic manner, which is characteristic of his style. Erakat is torn between concerns of religious identity, tradition, and belonging and the need to belong. One of the themes he frequently addresses is his unique take on popular culture from his own personal perspective. Erakat is afflicted with bipolar disease and depression, and he is also battling drug issues. As a result, he is forthright about these difficulties and often addresses them directly to his audience.

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Email AddressNA
Fanmail Address (residence address)Fremont, California, United States
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Phone NumberNA
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Texting NumberNA
Whatsapp No.NA


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