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EvanTubeHD Bio Data :

Ethan was born on December 6, 2005. His parents, Jarred and Alisa, are both well-known YouTube stars. They are known as DaddyTube and MommyTube, respectively. Evan’s younger sister, Jillian, also has her own YouTube channel called “JillianTubeHD,” which you can find on the site. Besides Chloe, Evan has another sister. This person’s family hasn’t told anyone about their name, and it’s not clear why this is.

Evan is one of the most well-off young YouTube stars. The first time he made a video on YouTube, he didn’t know how big it would get. He is now a millionaire and has made his parents very happy, which makes them very happy. Evan’s father used to say that he is now more relaxed because Evan has earned enough money to pay for his college costs. Even though Evan has become a star, he hasn’t changed. After he has looked at them, he gives all of his toys to charities. To him, the toys should belong to people who need them the most.


It doesn’t matter that Evan has a lot of things going on in his life. He hasn’t looked away from his studies because he is a good scorer. In his free time, he likes to read books or sketch. Evan wants to be a video game developer or an animator when he grows up. Among the videos he has made, “The Game of the Future” is the one he likes best. In the video, he has made a skit about time travel, which you can see.

There’s a YouTube channel called EvanTubeHD, which was made by Evan, a young person who likes to review toys and games. Evan is part of a family that owns four other YouTube channels. Evan’s younger sister, Jillian, has her own channel. Evan has set up a lot of different YouTube channels for different things. In addition to EvanRawHD, there is EvanTubeGAMING. For vlogs and gaming videos, there is EvanTubeGAMING.

His review videos are very well-organized and have a lot of subscribers. Evan is one of the most well-known YouTube stars for kids. For his challenge and pranks videos, he is also well-known. This is not the only movie he has done voice work for. Jonah, the main character in the animated movie “Beyond Beyond,” has also had his voice. Evan also does a lot of good for the Make a Wish Foundation.

It was very early in Evan’s life when he started making videos on YouTube for people. His father agreed to let them make a video together one day. Evan made his first YouTube account and called it EvanTubeHD. At first, they wanted to call it “Angry Birds 2005.” That name was taken by someone else, so they had to come up with another name. Evan’s dad helps him film the videos, and then he adds special effects to make them look more exciting.

In just a few videos, Evan became so well-known that the number of people who follow him rose to a whole new level. Soon, his videos were all over the internet because he came up with a good idea for reviewing games and toys and it worked out. Among kids, his videos were a big hit. They were excited to see Evan’s new videos. Evan has been very quick to post his videos for his fans.

A lot of people like him because he posts three videos a week. If there is a new product in the market that his fans like, that’s a good thing! In most of his first videos, he was mostly reviewing new Angry Birds toys. He then began to review Lego, Moshi Monsters, Hot Wheels, and Star Wars toys. Next, he added a lot of variety to his content by posting videos of fun science experiments and clay modeling videos.

He had a lot more subscribers as a result, as well as a lot more people who were interested in his channel. He then made two separate channels for different types of content. The channel EvanTubeGAMING is only for video games. There, he posts videos of popular video games like “Minecraft,” “Disney Infinity,” “Skylanders,” and “Roblox,” as well as a lot more. Another channel that Evan has is called ‘EvanTubeRAW’, and it is called that.

A vlogging channel is what it is. There, Evan usually talks about things that have happened in his life. Once, he made a video about his trip to LEGOLAND in California and put it on YouTube. Evan went to the amusement park in order to make a young cancer patient’s dream come true, so he did. This is what the child wanted to do: meet Evan and be in one of his videos.

Evan and his sister, Jillian, have been to the Meet and Greet event that Disney put on. Evan has also done videos for Loot Crate and 1UP.com, where he opens boxes. People liked Evan, and that got him into the movie business. Before, he worked as a voice artist in an animated movie called “Beyond Beyond.”

Evan voiced Jonah, the main character in the movie. He has also been in a commercial for “Spy Gear,” which is a type of clothing. When Jimmy Fallon’s show was on the air, Evan and his sister were on the show. His first role was in the show “The Fixits,” which was on the Disney XD channel. It was a mix of fantasy and adventure.

EvanTubeHD Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Email AddressNA
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EvanTubeHD/
Fanmail Address (residence address)Pennsylvania, United States
Instagram Handlehttps://www.instagram.com/evantubehd/
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
Texting NumberNA
Twitter https://twitter.com/ItsEvanTube
Whatsapp No.NA

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EvanTubeHD Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/EvanTubeHD/

EvanTubeHD Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/evantubehd/

EvanTubeHD Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/ItsEvanTube

EvanTubeHD YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/evantubehd

EvanTubeHD Official Website: NA

EvanTubeHD Contact Details:

EvanTubeHD WhatsApp Contact Details: NA

EvanTubeHD Address: Pennsylvania, United States

EvanTubeHD Phone Number: NA

EvanTubeHD Office address: NA

EvanTubeHD Office Email Id: NA

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