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Digga D Bio Data:

Digga D, whose actual name is Rhys Herbert and who is now twenty years old, is one of the most valuable performers in the UK drill scene. He is noted for infusing laughter and frolics into an otherwise openly gloomy and scary sound and atmosphere. Since it first made its mark in 2015 – initially spurred on by Brixton’s Grizzly and M Drag’s Look Like You in 2014 – the world has been fascinated by the movement of UK drill, which has its roots in early-2010s Chicago drill, London road rap, and grime. Emerging scenes are now found in places like Ireland, Brooklyn, and even further out to Australia and parts of Africa.

His adventure began in 2015 when he was a member of the group 1011, despite the fact that he is believed to be one of the sound’s ancestors despite his young age. But it was a specific freestyle in 2017 called “Next Up?” that caused everyone to stop what they were doing and take notice. The music business started to see a shift in attitude, and 1011 found themselves in “next to blow” debates almost immediately. Digga D was the member of the group who had the most distinctive style, and his moniker is what made him stand out.

His self-assurance in front of the microphone was comparable to that of someone twice his age, and the fact that he also rapped demonstrates that he has star potential from an early stage. Since its meteoric rise in popularity in the last several years, drill music has been the subject of a great deal of attention. Many people seem to be uneasy with the fact that young black voices in this music are voicing their harsh, front-door reality. Some people believe that drill leads to more aggressive behavior.

Digga D became personally involved in this sometimes harsh world in 2018, just as his music career was starting to take off after he and other members of 1011 were convicted of conspiracy to commit violent disorder. This conviction came at the same time as Digga D’s music career was starting to take off. Since then, Digga D has been sent back to jail three times, including once for violating the severe limitations that were imposed by his Criminal Behavior Order (CBO).

It was a condition of his parole that he was not allowed to go back to his house in London. After being released from jail, he was required to remain at a hostel that was located in an authorized premises location in Norwich. In addition to having a GPS tracker implanted in his thigh, he was had to report to his probation officer every three hours during the day, namely at 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m., and 11 p.m.

But what made Digger’s case stand out was a particular condition of his CBO: he is required to notify the police within twenty-four hours of uploading any new audio or visual material, including the location of the upload as well as the song lyrics. This condition was placed on him as a condition of his release from custody. It is believed that he is the first artist to be issued a CBO that restricts his ability to release music. This, according to his attorney, gives the police and probation the ability to control and censor his artwork. He is the first artist to be issued a CBO that restricts his ability to release music.

Digga claims that he is now used to the scrutiny that is placed on his music, despite the unique circumstances in which he finds himself. While he is frying up some breakfast in his kitchen, he is talking to BBC Three through Zoom. “I know that sounds terrible, but at this point, I’m simply accustomed to it,” he says. “It’s still stressful, but it’s something that you learn to adjust to, and that’s the important part. In 2018, when the conditions of Digger’s CBO were imposed, the Metropolitan Police disputed that the decision amounted to censorship.

“When in this instance you see a particular genre of music being used specifically to goad, to incite, to provoke, to inflame, that can only lead to acts of very serious violence being committed, that is when it becomes a matter for the police.” “We’re not in the business of killing anyone’s fun; we’re not in the business of killing anyone’s artistic expression; we are in the business of stopping people

Digga D Relationship

“A Criminal Behavior Order tends to be imposed by a criminal court after conviction,” says the artist’s lawyer Cecilia Goodwin, who also appears in the documentary and admits that prior to being contacted by Digga D’s team, she was unaware of who Digga D was. “A Criminal Behavior Order tends to be imposed by a criminal court after conviction,” says Goodwin. “There’s a list of approximately 18 to 20 people that Rhys isn’t allowed to associate with, the majority of whom are his friends from school or friends from his area or people that the police deemed to be part of a gang that he was a member of. Rhys isn’t allowed to associate with any of these people.

It is designed to target very severe instances of antisocial conduct, and the length of time it is in effect may vary. It is based on the conduct that the police are attempting to deal with and, of course, how long the police believe it would take for someone to alter their ways and their path. When you’re trying to make it as a musician in an industry that might be successful one day and gone the next, things are much trickier to navigate.

Cecilia explains that “the order decides what types of subjects Digga may speak about in his songs” (because the order comes first). Therefore, it makes an effort to restrict who he can speak about, as well as what he may talk about and the topics that he can discuss. In addition to this, it extends even farther since there are some aspects of his appearance that he is not permitted to represent. Therefore, it’s rather difficult. When you are a drill artist, it might be rather challenging to operate within such limits.

Cecilia has to go through his lyrics one more time before he can release any new songs. For example, when Digga was getting ready to release the single “Woe” from his 2020 project, he had to walk Cecilia through the whole song, line by line. “Jump out, try putting him in a coffin,” was one of the lines that she highlighted. Digga says, “It’s a dancing motion, and you can find it on YouTube.” It’s a meme, and you can find it on TikTok.


One of the most popular drill solo songs released so far this year is Digi’s tune titled “Woe,” which has received a total of 13 million views on YouTube. His track “No Diet,” which was released in 2019, has racked up over 20 million views on YouTube and has sold over 200,000 copies. Digga, who began producing music when he was only 12 years old, spent his childhood in West London listening to reggae and dancehall music from Jamaica.

But even when he was a child, he already had a history of getting into mischief. In the eighth grade, he was taken into custody at school after being found in possession of marijuana. He was expelled from school and then transported to the Wands worth police station for questioning. Because he continued to be in legal difficulties, he ultimately decided without completing his GCSE exams. Digga admits that he has done things that he shouldn’t have, but he understands that he can’t alter the past no matter how much he wishes he could.

He claims, “I’ve learned from my errors,” and I believe him. “I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t made some of the errors I made, but I’m not the kind of guy who wants to dwell in the past,” he said. I prefer to keep moving ahead, and I tend to think quite a bit about the future. Look where Jay-Z is today as a result of what he did in the past. You understand what I’m saying when I say that French Montana did what he did, right? Biggie, 2Pac, and the rest of these rap icons are individuals, and people have histories. Simply moving on and creating a brighter future for yourself is all that is required.

In the documentary, Cecilia states, “I believe [Digga] was a criminal, he made some judgments in his past, which were very bad decisions.” “I think [Digga] was a criminal because he made certain decisions in his past,” However, this does not imply that we should give up on him just yet. Digga claims that he is driven to achieve success in large part so that he can assist in taking care of his family and friends.

“I’ve always had the ability to inspire myself. Because I’ve been in jail, I simply haven’t been able to find the time to accomplish the things that I want to do. My mixtape, “Double Tap Diaries,” was published while I was behind bars, and I missed out on seeing what No Diet had accomplished since I went to jail only three days after the release of their album. Digga has continued to deal with some of life’s challenging circumstances despite the success he has achieved.

Digga D Career

Cecilia received a phone call from Digger’s mother 2019, who was in a highly emotional condition. She informed Cecilia that her son had been stabbed when Digga was being taken back to jail. She was certain that he had passed away. Digga had received a knife wound to the eye, and as a result, the assault had rendered him almost blind in one eye. Cecilia states that “the difficulty for Rhys is that the world he’s coming out of has made him a lot of enemies,” and she speculates that being a member of a gang is a contributing factor to this problem. “You may anticipate these outcomes if you continue to live in such a manner.”

Cecilia claims that Rhys’s commitment is for a period of five years. “The only way that you can get a CBO removed is by basically going back to court and applying for it to be either varied – so you could say, ‘Look, can you take out some of the terms?’ or you’d be saying, ‘We don’t think this should be imposed for as long as it’s been imposed for’ – or you’re challenging it and saying: ‘This is not workable.'” “The only way that you can get a CBO”.

“So that is something that, obviously, we are discussing in the background, because the CBO brings so many challenges that make it difficult for him to continue to earn a living and make music and to allow him to be creative.” “So that is something that, obviously, we are discussing in the background.” The one fortunate thing I can say about Digga D is that from a creative standpoint, he is such a fantastic artist. He has been able to avoid having his integrity compromised while still attempting to compose music to his greatest ability.

Cecilia also has very optimistic views on Digger’s future. “I genuinely hope that the lifestyle he had before he’ll leave behind and that he’ll simply be able to live a life free of violence, free of the danger of violence, and free of the police and probation,” she says in the documentary. And I believe that he is capable of achieving his goal; all he has to do is keep his head down and mentally concentrate on what he is doing.

In spite of all he’s gone through and everything he’s done, Digga D still manages to seem remarkably youthful throughout the documentary. This is one of the things that stands out the most. In one scene, for instance, after he had been allowed to move into a rented property, he is seen laughing, joking, and wrestling around on the floor with his friends as they decide where they’ll put the newly ordered IKEA furniture – just like any other person on the cusp of adulthood. This occurs after he has been given permission to move into a rented property.

Digga D Bio Data
Real NameDigga D
Nick NameDigga D
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
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Weight NA
Body Measurements NA
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Eye ColourNA
Hair ColourNA
Personal LifeNA
Date of Birth June 9, 2000
Age21 years
Birth Place London, England
Zodiac sign / Sun signNA
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)NA
Hometown London, England
Educational QualificationsNot Known
Boys, Affairs and MoreNA
Marital StatusNA
Dating History?NA
Money NA
Salary/Fees NA
Net Worth NA
Social ProfilesNA
WebsiteWill Be Updated Soon

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