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Russian TikTok celebrity with 50,000 Instagram and 750,000 TikTok admirers. It was set to Enrique Iglesias’ “EL BAO” with Bad Bunny. On May 6, 2018, she created a YouTube channel titled “Type of Musers (musical.ly)”. Early in 2017, she met Shiaan Airam. She has directed videos for Ariana Grande, James Arthur, and Nicky Jam. Kids are amusing. Adolescent YouTubers inarticulately chatting about their friends and lives became my children’s preferred entertainment. Today’s top YouTube stars are kids playing to an even younger audience – toddlers.

Yes, there are youngsters broadcasting to every internet-connected corner of the world. Many of them are Russian or Ukrainian. Anastasia, called “Nastya”, and Diana, both 6, have become the world’s sexiest young YouTubers, breaking all viewership records. Nastya was born in Krasnodar, Russia, and Diana in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their families are now in Florida. To understand why they fascinate children worldwide, I braved the synthetic soundtrack and acid colours. I found toys, playground equipment, sparkly gowns, lots of makeup, animation, visual and audio effects, and a narrative that ranged from basic to downright catchy.

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In a 2019 clip, Nastya marries a store mannequin. Her bereaved father weeps but gives her a chiffon gown and a pink bridal bouquet. She is now a trapped housewife on the verge of a nervous breakdown. “I want daddy!” she exclaims, only for it to be a nightmare. Soothed by her loving father, “First school, then college, then marriage.” In a newer video from October, Nastya and her father show the difference between doing good and bad things like brushing your teeth, making your bed, cleaning your room, or washing your dishes.

Good Nastya is gifted an excellent toy doggie. No “Stacey” for her. Or watch Diana coerce her brother Roma, a YouTube sensation, into letting her approach their pool. Diana, riding in a black and pink toy jeep, makes a deal with Roma: she will give him a surprise gift wrapped in fluorescent tape in exchange for access to the coveted pool. Another Diana video shows the cat’s birthday preparations.

The cat gets gifts, food, confetti, balloons, and a magnificent cake. Yes, the cat becomes a voracious eater. Prof. Yair Amichai-Hamburger, director of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya’s Internet Psychology Research Center, says that youthful viewers are being turned into consumers. He fears exposing young children incapable of critical thinking to videos made by YouTube stars. Russian art project with neo-Nazis, rabbis, and humiliation Octopus hummus? How Israeli food swept Saint Petersburg Understanding the Navalny enigma Identifying with a Disney hero or heroine is one thing; merchandising is another.

But that’s not the same as the idealized childhood created by these YouTubers. Instead of being children who develop their own personality and character, viewers are influenced by commercial-industrial synthetics, Amichai-Hamburger warns. View gallery Nastya on YouTube Nastya on YouTube Anna Radzinskaya Experts and parents may be shocked, but life goes on. The two girls’ flagship channels, “Like Nastya” and “Kids Diana Show,” are among the top 10 most-watched YouTube channels, according to Social Blade. Diana has 66.7 million fans and Nastya has 63.1.

In October, “Vlad and Niki” had 56.2 million subscribers and was the fourth most-watched YouTube channel. Receive breaking news and analysis by email *Email Input a valid email address. Enroll These staggering figures are part of a media empire established around these kids. Both Diana and Nastya have channels with the same videos dubbed into various languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, and more. Nastya now has 175 million YouTube subscribers and is the world’s top YouTuber, according to her manager Eyal Baumel.

Diana has 143 million fans on Tubefilter, according to the website. Vlad and Nikita, with 120 million followers, have the same strategy as the two girls. Nastya has a small following on TikTok, but her videos get a lot of views, according to Baumel. a toy s Profits are hidden behind followers and views. According to Forbes, Nastya earned $18 million between June 2018 and June 2019 from her YouTube business, making her the third highest-paid YouTuber globally. Last year’s world leader was an 8-year-old American, Ryan Kaji.

He started by opening presents and became America’s most popular “toy critic.” He launched his own toy line with companies two years ago. He has since been overtaken by Nastya, Diana, Vlad, and Nikita, according to Social Blade. Vlad and Niki PAW Patrol UCR YouTube As in January, YouTube requires ads in kids’ videos to be content-based. But the little stars aren’t only in it for the money. In their films, the young YouTubers promote games, toys, amusement complexes, and cuisine.

Baumel claims Nastya only promoted Legoland and Danone last year. Following in the footsteps of Ryan Kaji, the Russian stars hope to become household names off-screen. In October, Diana launched her “Love, Diana” doll and clothing line with Ryan’s firm Pocket Watch. The toys are only available at Walmart in America. Now, in a video titled “Diana and Dad – Funny Story About Cleaning Room,” viewers get a lot of content promoting the new brand. Diana keeps finding tempting boxes containing different Love, Diana dolls while cleaning her room. Vlad, Nikita, and Nastya have all signed merchandise deals recently.

Nastya marries YouTube The (Israeli) adults Every successful young YouTuber has ambitious parents. Nastya’s parents’ narrative, according to Bloomberg and other media outlets: Yuri, Nastya’s father, built houses, and Anna planned events and maintained a wedding salon. Doctors misdiagnosed their daughter’s cerebral palsy when she was born in 2014. To help Nastya grow and open up, Anna and Yuri began filming her and uploading the films to YouTube.

They realized she was a natural on camera and both parents quit their jobs to promote her YouTube channel. This genesis narrative invites questions such as how two adults decide to close their businesses and focus on their child’s future. Yuri and Anna refused to be interviewed. In some cases, large corporations act as a sort of middleman between families and YouTube. Professional services are provided by multi-channel networks (MCN), third-party affiliates that can increase viewership and thus profitability in exchange for a fee.

They may also supply content and programming, rights management, marketing, and promotion, among other services. View gallery Nastya with a kitten on YouTube Anna Radzinskaya Yoola, an Israeli entertainment company, and MCN, is behind Nastya and her parents. Yoola is a major player in the Russian YouTube market. Its main competitors are AIR (Ukraine) and MediaCube (Belarus Yoola was created in 2011 by four Israelis as a beauty and cosmetics YouTube channel. CEO Eyal Baumel says the founders are no longer active in the company but remain on the board.

It has 90 employees in Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Yokne’am, Israel. Forbes called Yoola the eminence grise of YouTube last year. Among the bloggers, Yoola sponsors are Yury Dud, an independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and presently Russia’s No. 1 interviewer, and popular Russian musician Egor Kreed. In exchange for its services, Yoola takes a 15% cut of the YouTubers’ profits. Yoola not only represents Nastya but also sponsors some of her biggest opponent Diana’s channels.

Nastya pretends to nurture a doll Nastya’s parents began dubbing her clips into multiple languages thanks to Yoola, says Baumel. In mid-2019, the child became the world’s biggest YouTuber in terms of views and followers, according to Baumel. The most renowned girl in Brazil, and possibly Israel. “I get emails from Israelis wishing Nastya happy birthday,” he says. No. 1 in all Arabic-speaking countries. Her channel is the largest Arabic children’s channel. She leads in Mexico, Argentina, and Indonesia.” Affirming their plans to launch her in China next year, he said

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