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On April 17, 1996, in Tucson, Arizona, United States of America, Ty Ellis was born as Tyler “Ty” Warren Ellis. His parents were Monika and Tony Ellis. Paddy is his older sister’s dog’s name, and his older sister’s name is Muick. When Tyler was five years old, his family uprooted and relocated to a more desirable neighborhood. Prior to that, they had been a modest family who had resided in a modest home. Because of the bullying he endured in kindergarten, Tyler did not go to school very often when he was a kid. When he finally graduated from kindergarten, he was a year older than the other children in his class. Ellis, when he was still a little boy, became acquainted with Asus, who would later become his best friend for the rest of his life. Ellis’s first foray into the realm of video gaming was initiated by none other than Asus. Ellis’s academic performance and personal life both suffered throughout the years after he completed middle school. Because of an academic issue, he was had to attend a summer school in order to complete his secondary education. On the domestic front, when he was 14 years old, his parents separated and divorced. Ellis devoted the majority of his time to hanging out with his father. On the love front, Ellis and his girlfriend Jocelyn started dating sometime in the early part of 2013. In 2016, they were blessed with the arrival of their daughter Lyla.

Ty Ellis, better known by his online alias Deadlox, is a popular gamer and YouTuber who has shaken up the digital world with his YouTube channels. This quality of his, which he exhibited even as a child and still possesses even now as an adult, was there when he was given the name Tyler Warren Ellis. Ellis’s first experience with gaming came about when he and his friend Asus were at school and decided to play a video game on one of the computers there. Not long after that, Ellis joined forces with Sky, who is famous in the Minecraft community, to form a group of players who play Minecraft. Sky insisted that Elis start his own channel on YouTube under the name “Deadlox MC,” and Elis complied with his request. Ellis’s career took a dramatic jump forward when he began posting daily vlogs on his channel. Prior to that, the number of subscriptions he received was trickling in. Ellis has undoubtedly established himself as one of the most popular gaming personalities on YouTube. His main channel has more than two million subscribers, and his sub channel, ‘DeadloxVSGaming,’ has about two hundred thousand subscribers.

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Ty Ellis, better known by his gaming alias “Deadlox,” is a well-known character in the online gaming community. When Ellis was in elementary school, his boyhood friend Asus introduced him to video games, and that was the first time Ellis was exposed to the world of computer gaming. They would spend countless hours participating in the online game known as Run escape. After the breakup of his parents’ marriage, Ellis moved in with his father, who provided him with both emotional and financial support throughout his life. When Ellis first joined YouTube in 2008, he began watching videos related to Run escape and eventually created a channel that was solely devoted to the game. It was during this period that he initially made contact with Sky. They collaborated on the production of Run escape videos. Sky requested that Ellis launch his own YouTube channel under the name DeadloxMC. After completing his first year in college, Ellis decided to pursue a career in YouTube full-time rather than continuing his education. He established a community of Minecraft gamers under the moniker Team Crafted.

After some time, the organization decided to alter their name to “Vision Squad.” In the beginning, the majority of the videos that Ellis uploaded were of Minecraft. Back then, his subscription number was a measly 2000. The number of views, however, skyrocketed after he began publishing daily video blogs, sketches, and “Try Not to Laugh” and prank movies on his channel. After reaching 100,000 people, the list of subscribers continued to grow and eventually passed the one million mark. About 2.1 million people are currently subscribed to the channel, and he frequently refers to these people as his “Dead Army.” The Minecraft Epic Jump Map: Operation Tropical Vacation Part 1 video has received the highest views of any of his videos. Ellis launched his secondary channel, which is known as “DeadloxVSGaming,” shortly after his first channel became an overwhelming hit. Videos of him playing video games that are not linked to Minecraft are uploaded to this channel. The success that he had with his first channel has been replicated on his second channel, which is called “DeadloxVSGaming.” This channel is also expanding and currently has more than 190 thousand subscribers.

Deadlox Career

After having several of his videos removed from YouTube, Ellis decided to stop releasing content on the ‘DeadloxMC’ website. In a video that was uploaded to his gaming channel, he disclosed that he had erased the majority of the viral content that he had previously posted and that he had formed a partnership with a firm to post content on ‘DeadloxMC.’ Ellis is quite active on a number of other social media platforms in addition to YouTube. These platforms include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitch. On Instagram, he has approximately 161 thousand followers, and on Twitter, he has 440 thousand. On Facebook, Ellis is followed by approximately 470 thousand people. Minecraft videos created by the video game commentator known as DeadloxMC, whose real name is Ty, have become extremely popular on YouTube. Nearly every day, he shares new content on his channel, and he refers to his followers as the “Dead Army.” Team Crafted was initially established by him. He has more than 1,500,000 subscribers, and his videos have been seen over 71,000,000 times. In most instances, he plays with his friend SkyDoesMinecraft’s, who plays Minecraft. In the same way as SkyDoesMinecraft’s has the sky army, he (deadlox) has the dead army, which is less well known due to the fact that the sky army dominates him. He is typically seen in either his usual skin or his derp skin, although he is also occasionally seen in a variety of different skins.

Videos A variety of videos, such as Epic Jump Maps, Pink Men Slapping on Each Other, Death Run, and others, feature Deadlox. Among these videos is Death Run. Additionally, Deadlox is regarded as the most dangerous of the Team Crafted members. One illustration of this can be found in one of the videos of the game “Cops ‘n Robbers,” in which he acts harshly toward some of the other YouTubers when it is his turn to be the warden. Ty really wanted to be in the videos, so in one of Bodil’s Epic Jump Maps, where Sky and Jason had to save Ty from the Squids, Ty had a “Hologram Deadlox” skin and used it throughout the entirety of the map. Sky and Jason had to rescue Ty from the Squids. In Deadlox’s “Congratulations” video entry for SkyDoesMinecraft’s celebration of 1 million subscribers, he is shown in real life (without showing his face) tied up and attempting to break free. A Squid is also shown next to him with the words “We have Deadlox!” above it. This may be a reference to the Epic Jump Map Butter Edition, in which the squids kidnap him as part of the storyline of that map. A piece of paper that read “Congratulations on 1 Million Subs, Sky!” was stuck to his cheek.

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