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Daniela Nieves Bio Data:

Daniela Nieves was born in Venezuela on July 4, 1997, but her family relocated to the United States when she was just a few months old. Her older brother is the younger of the two children that she and her partner have together. She is the younger of the two. She received her diploma from Buffalo Gap High School in Swoope, Virginia; the school is located in the state of Virginia. This was the beginning of Daniela Nieves’ career as an actress. She was cast as Adriana Montiel, a recurrent character, in the Spanish-language, action-based television series ‘El Rostro de Ana’ in the year 2008, and she went on to play the part in 109 episodes over the course of the following couple of years.

She was offered the lead role of Andrea “Andi” Cruz on the Nickelodeon teen sitcom “Every Witch Way” in the year 2014, and she accepted the offer. She has appeared on practically all episodes of the show up until it finished in 2015, and in July of that year, she announced that she would be starring in her very own spin-off series called “WITS Academy,” which would also air on Nickelodeon. She took on the role of the series’ protagonist and was one of only three cast members from the first series to reprise their roles as primary casts in the sequel. She made the announcement on March 24, 2016, that her television show, ‘WITS Academy,’ would not be receiving a renewal for a second season.

However, she already has a part in the web series ‘Five Points,’ in which she plays one of the characters that appears more than often, and her name is Ananda.  Nieves enters as Lissa Dragomir, a Royal Moroi vampire. Princess Vasilisa Dragomir is the younger sister of the person who would eventually succeed to the throne. She is a regal princess who is carefree, has a good heart, and coasts through her studies while joyfully pursuing fun. The political maneuverings of the Royal Court and the hypocrisy of Moroi royal society hold little appeal for Lissa. But when a member of Lissa’s family passed away unexpectedly, she was thrown into a job that she had neither been trained for nor was emotionally prepared to handle. Rose Hathaway, the character that Stringer portrays, is a Dhampir, which is a combination of humans and vampires.

Rose is not only a true fighter in heart but also one in practice; she is fiery and opinionated. She never thinks things through before acting, which more often than not ends up costing her demerits. Moore takes on the character of Dimitri Belikov, the model of a Dhampir guardian. Dimitri Belikov is ruthless, well-disciplined, secretive, and entirely committed to his position as bodyguard to the governing Moroi, who are the “good” mortal vampires of Moore’s universe. His life is guided by a profound moral code, but beneath his stoic and vigilant exterior lies an expansive spirit that has the potential to threaten to expose the underlying contradiction between his sense of what is right and his official obligation to the Moroi. He lives by a deep moral code.

Daniela Nieves Phone Number

Daniela Nieves Relationship

She maintains a strong bond with her family, as seen by the frequent appearance of photographs including both her parents and her brother on her various social media profiles. After her brother received his diploma from Florida International University in December 2017, she posted a picture of the two of them together on her Instagram account. According to reports, most of the people that Nieves interacts with make the mistake of thinking that she is much younger than she actually is because of her slender and fragile physique. She posted a clarification about her age on Twitter in August 2015, stating that she was actually 18 years old at the time, despite the fact that her “baby face” and “tiny” size made her appear to be only 14 years old.

She enjoys travelling with her family and friends, as well as dancing, playing games, and reading fantasy novels in her spare time. Her go-to actor is McCaul Lombardi, while Emma Roberts is her go-to actress in the role of the leading lady. She is the funniest person on the set of her shows and is widely recognised for her witty personality and sense of humour. Her co-stars from the show “Every Witch Way,” Paola Andino, Denisea Wilson, and Tyler Alvarez, who play Emma, Katie, and Diego, respectively, are some of her closest friends. Daniela Nieves is a Venezuelan-American actress who is best known for playing the role of Andrea ‘Andi’ Futura Doctora Cruz on the American telenovela-formatted teen sitcom ‘Every Witch Way’ and its spin-off series ‘WITS Academy’ on Nickelodeon.

Daniela Nieves is also known as ‘Dani’ on social media. In the original series, she played Emma Alonso’s best friend; however, in the spin-off series, she takes on the role of the main character and learns how to become a Guardian while attending the WITS Academy, which is considered to be the most prestigious school in the Magic Realm for witches and wizards-in-training. Although she played a main role in the original series, she takes on the role of the main character in the spin-off series. Nieves began her career as a child actress in Spanish-language telenovelas, including a guest role in ‘La viuda de Blanco’ (2006), a major role in ‘El Rostro de Anal’ (2008-09), and a couple more guest appearances in ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’ (2011) and ‘Mi corazón es tuyo’ (2011).

Her most notable role to date was as Ana in ‘El Ro (2014). She also played Andi Cruz in the telefilm “Every Witch Way: Spellbound” (2014) and the crossover episode “Every Witch Lola’s” from the Nickelodeon sitcom “Talia in the Kitchen.” Both of these projects were released in 2014. (2015). In 2018, she appeared in an episode of the action-crime drama television series ‘Lethal Weapon’ as a guest star named Charlotte. Currently, she is playing the recurring character of Ananda in the teen drama web series ‘Five Points,’ which can be viewed on Facebook Watch. In 2006, when Daniela Nieves was just nine years old, she made her acting debut in an episode of the popular Colombian soap series ‘La viuda de Blanco,’ playing the part of Patricia Giraldo.

Daniela Nieves Career

The role of Christian Oz era, a Royal Moroi vampire, will be played by Dae Kim. Because of the grave societal offences committed by Christian’s parents, the intelligent and conscientious Christian is a pariah in both his school and the royal court. He is well-read and ravenous for information, so he looks for solutions that are based on his religious beliefs. During his journey, he comes across a kindred spirit who is also yearning for the truth. The role of Victor Dashkov has been offered to Richards. Victor is a Moroi noble vampire with a golden heart who is well renowned for his work as an advisor and political strategist to Moroi dignitaries. Victor’s role as a counsellor and political strategist to Moroi dignitaries has earned him a lot of respect.

These include the health and happiness of his husband and their two adopted daughters, as well as the development of the Moroi community as a whole. Uwajeh is Tatiana Vogel. Tatiana is a Morori vampire and political underdog who is slowly but surely gaining influence inside the royal court. Tatiana, who is driven by love and a sense of justice, possesses a special talent for making herself appear to be of little concern, and it is only after it is far too late that we discover that she was always the one to keep an eye on. Mia Karp, a pupil at St. Vladimir’s Academy, is the character that McKenna-Bruce plays on the show. Mia, a non-Royal person, has a long-term strategy to social climb her way into the ranks of monarchy, with all of the privileges and freedoms that come with with that position.

She is witty, sharp, and just the right amount of ruthless when it is necessary. A plot that was hampered by her strong chemistry with Meredith, a Guardian-in-training, as Mia struggled to reconcile her attraction to Meredith with her lowly station despite their instant connection to one another. Meredith is a clever Dhampir with a strong will and a high observational ability, qualities that make her an excellent strategist and a crucial asset for Blundell to have on his side. She has limited tolerance for Rose’s emotional instability and Mia’s elitist behaviour, and she confronts both of them on a frequent basis. He is a fierce loyalist who utilizes his intelligence and influence to preserve those things that are most important to him.

Daniela Nieves
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