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CupCakke aka Elizabeth Eden Harris Bio Data:

Cupcakke’s real name is Elizabeth Eden Harris, and she was born on May 31, 1997 in Chicago, Illinois to a mother who was raising her by herself. She never knew her biological father since her mother relocated to Chicago with her shortly after she was born, taking her to a neighborhood called King Drive. It was not an easy task for her mother to take care of her small kid due to the fact that she was a single mother. Her song “Deepthroat,” which was taken down from “YouTube,” generated more controversy once it was uploaded to a number of pornographic websites. She had already begun composing poems by the time she became ten years old. She made a new buddy at church who was a fellow attendee and he was quite taken with her poetry. He requested her to adapt some of her poems into rap songs. This served as a significant wake-up call for her.

She took the advise to heart and began composing rap tunes. She also began playing alone in the church, where her poems won the praise of the pastors and other attendees. She focused the most of her writing on topics related to Christianity and spirituality. When she was a teenager, she had already been familiar with the website known as “YouTube.” She had the notion that the video-sharing website YouTube would be an excellent venue for exhibiting her musical talents. Soon after, she prepared herself to formally enter the world of music by recording her first song and then going into the recording studio. Cupcakke is the stage name of American rapper and singer Elizabeth Eden Harris, who was born and raised in Chicago. Cupcakke is also known as Cupcakke. She became famous thanks to the explicit nature of her music videos and lyrics.

She had a really challenging upbringing despite being born and raised in Chicago. She was raised in homeless shelters for a few years when she was young since her mother was an unwed teenager when she gave birth to her. At the juvenile age of ten, her participation in the social activities held at a nearby church awakened her interest in music and poetry. When she was just 13 years old, one of her fellow churchgoers suggested that she adapt her poems into rap music. She did what he suggested. She thought it was a good concept, and when she was 15 years old, she uploaded her first music video to YouTube. It was titled “Gold Digger.” The video became viral almost instantly after it was uploaded. 2015 was the year that saw two of her songs, ‘Deepthroat,’ and ‘Vagina,’ go popular on a number of different social media networks.

CupCakke aka Elizabeth Eden Harris Relationship

Cupcakke has never spoken publicly about her romantic life, but it appears from a few of her songs that she has gone through heartbreak in the past when relationships have ended. The family’s financial situation was not in good shape. Soon after Elizabeth turned seven, her family was evicted from their home, and they spent the subsequent four years living either on the streets of Chicago or in shelters specifically designed to house homeless individuals. Later on, though, her condition began to improve, and she began enrolling in classes at the nearby school. Elizabeth had her first encounters with future rappers Chief Keef and Lil Reese when she was still in school. Rap music was her first taste of the culture not long after that. In addition to this, Elizabeth started going to a church in the area, where she eventually joined the congregation’s choir. Her musical taste was shaped as a result of this, and it was beneficial to her in developing her skills.

Her offensive lyrical content helped her achieve prominence, but that did not prevent her from being innovative and winning over reviewers and fans of her music. To this day, she has issued a total of three studio albums, and numerous of her singles have achieved number one positions on a variety of rap charts. Her official YouTube account was launched that same month, in August 2012, and she immediately posted a track titled Gold Digger. The song and the music video accompanying it quickly became popular on various social media platforms. Cupcakke gained enormous local popularity as a result of this while he was just 15 years old. However, the song itself ended up becoming the subject of debate as well. The rules and regulations of YouTube were broken by the music video for the song, which contained some inappropriately personal shots. The music was consequently pulled off the site as a result.

Despite this, Cupcakke was able to achieve the success she had been seeking. She worked tirelessly over the following several years and became a well-known musician after releasing a few more songs with adult content, which contributed to her notoriety. She did this when she was still underage, which caused many conservatives to criticize her actions. In spite of this, her music videos continued to go viral, and by the year 2015, she had accumulated more than 300 thousand followers on her channel on the video-sharing website YouTube. In 2015, she became a part of the ‘YMCFilmz’ family by signing a contract. In the month of October, she distributed a song titled “Vagina.” Although it was incredibly provocative, the song was adored for the musical creativity and audacity it displayed. She also claimed that the song My Neck, My Back by Khia served as a primary inspiration for the words that she wrote.

CupCakke aka Elizabeth Eden Harris Career

Cupcakke came out with a brand new track in the month of November titled Deepthroat. Because her songs “Vagina” and “Deepthroat” received a lot of attention on social media platforms like Facebook and “Twitter,” she became a prominent figure in the independent music scene. Late in 2015, she made the announcement that she was in the process of creating her first mixtape. In February of 2016, the mixtape with the title Cum Cake was made available for purchase. Other singles that were released from the cassette were titled “Tit for Tat, Juicy Coochie, and “Pedophile,” among others. ’ In spite of the fact that her songs had a significant number of views, YouTube repeatedly took them down on the grounds that they included inappropriately personal content and violated the terms and regulations of the site. A handful of sensitive critics, however, gave the EP some favorable reviews, claiming that despite certain filthy lyrics, the intrinsic substance of the record resided in the portrayal of the struggles of life and love.

The song “Pedophile” received a lot of appreciation for the way it described sexual abuse committed on young children. It was stated that the song heralded her entry in a big way into the Chicago rap scene. Cupcakke released her second mixtape, titled “S.T.D (Shelters to Deltas),” in June of 2016. Once again, despite the presence of several explicit tracks on the album, such as “Best Dick Sucker” and “Doggy Style,” the album was successful. The song was selected to be included in the list of the ‘Best Rap Albums of 2016 So Far’ that was compiled by “Rolling Stone.” During this same time period, she made the announcement that she would be releasing her first studio album later on in the same year. Her first studio album, titled “Audacious,” was published by Cupcakke in October of 2016, and it had a total of 12 tracks. Before the album’s formal release, the song Picking Cotton was made available online for streaming and download.

The cover of the album sparked debate due to the fact that it showed the rapper standing in a half-naked state.  The titles of some of her other hits from the album, such as Cock a Doodle Doo and Keep Hoes Alive, were similarly intended to be sexually explicit. Again, disagreements to the side, the album received a lot of positive feedback from both her fans and her reviewers. After a few more months had passed, she came out with another track called Cumshot, which served as the lead single for her subsequent album. In March of 2017, she released her second studio album under her own name titled Queen Elizabitch. Cupcakke surprised her audience by tackling weighty topics, such as controversial social and political matters, and demonstrating that she is capable of doing so. The album was favorably appreciated by the reviewers, who said that it had all of the elements that could make it a viral phenomenon if it were released online.

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