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Cherry Wallis Bio Data:

On April 15, 1990, Cherry Wallis made her debut into the world in Birmingham, England. At this point in time, she is 30 years old. Cherry Wallis, who hails from the United Kingdom, has become a household name on YouTube because to her hilarious skits, as well as the beauty and lifestyle videos she posts on her channel that bears her name. Cherry Wallis was crowned the victor at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in the United Kingdom for the year 2016. She launched her self-titled YouTube channel on June 8, 2009, marking the beginning of her career in social media platforms like YouTube. Her previous YouTube channel was under the handle MsCherryGoesPop.

However, after two years, she finally started uploading videos to her YouTube channel. On August 5, 2011, she presented the world with her debut music video, titled “THE TRUTH ABOUT GIRLS!” This video has been viewed by more than 38,435 people. Since that time, she has been regularly updating the videos on her YouTube account with her own comedic content. In a similar vein, her channel on YouTube has a broad variety of vlogs, videos related to fandoms such as the wizarding world and beauty, as well as comedy routines, hauls, and advice videos.

Some of her You tuber series include Harry Potter, Wizarding World Subscription Boxes, My Magical Kitchen, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Vlogs, Hauls, Monthly Favorites, and T R A V E L. She also has other series including the letters T R A V E L. She published the video titled “TRYING AMERICAN CANDY | Cherry Wallis” on her channel on February 21, 2015, and it quickly became one of the channel’s most popular videos. This movie has been viewed by close to 2,680,704 people so far. Her channel contains a number of other intriguing videos, some of which are “REAL VS FAKE HARRY POTTER REPLICAS FROM WISH,” “Coke and Milk,” and “FANTASTIC BEASTS CASE UNBOXING,” as well as a great deal of others.

Cherry Wallis Relationship

These films have garnered the attention of millions upon millions of viewers. More Cherry was officially introduced as Cherry’s second channel on YouTube on January 28, 2013. Her second channel has bonus content such as deleted scenes and outtakes, as well as the occasional cover song. However, there are just three films available on her channel, and she hasn’t uploaded anything new in quite some time. However, around 13,100 people are subscribed to her private channel. In addition to running a successful channel on YouTube, she is also a singer. In December of 2013, she released her first single, which was titled “Hero.” This song is now ranked number one on the 50 Rock Charts on iTunes. She has gone so far as to say that she hopes to put out further songs in the not too distant future.

It is estimated that her net worth is somewhere around 140 thousand dollars. As a YouTube creator, she brings in an average of $8,412 dollars every single month. Cherry Wallis may be seen active across several social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. She has cultivated a considerable following across her many social media platforms. Cherry Wallis is her handle on Instagram, and she has around 107 thousand followers. In a similar vein, she has accumulated more than 11.9 thousand Facebook fan fans and over 94.4 thousand Twitter followers. She also has a channel on YouTube, which she has named for herself and which has over 540 thousand followers. A Harry Potter super fan with over 700,000 YouTube subscribers has taken her dedication to the next level by recreating the flying automobile owned by the Weasley family, which was originally seen in the film adaptation of Chamber of Secrets.

She did this by refurbishing a Ford Anglia to look like the car. Cherry Wallis, 31, from Derbyshire, claims that the reason she has such a large social media following is because she began producing videos on Harry Potter. Wallis is now a full-time Harry Potter YouTuber. Now, in the days leading up to the November 16 celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film in the successful film franchise, she refers to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio tour in London as her “second home.” She is realizing her dream by meeting Tom Felton, aka the villain Draco Malfoy, for a very special live stream as part of today’s celebration of Back to Hogwarts Day alongside other “Potter heads,” who annually mark the September 1 start of term at the wizarding school. “Potter heads” mark the beginning of the school year at Hogwarts on September 1.

Cherry Wallis Career

Cherry said, “I can hardly contain my excitement at finally meeting Tom!” “The Harry Potter series is really important to me since it fundamentally altered the course of my life. Without it, I never would have met the people who have become some of my closest friends. But Cherry, who was only 11 years old when the first film was released, wasn’t always a huge admirer of the Harry Potter series. In point of fact, she didn’t start taking an interest in the wizarding world until she was well into her adolescent years. When compared to some of my other Potter classmates, I was a little bit late. “I have to admit that when I was younger, I wasn’t much of a reader.” “Around the year 1997, when he was 10 years old, my brother, who is three years older than me, really purchased his very first Harry Potter book. I didn’t really get into it until much later, when I was about 17.”

She continued by saying, “His book had been laying there, and I just took it up to read since I was bored and spotted it sitting about.” After that, I found myself wondering, ‘How am I able to sleep with this?’ Since then, I’ve been completely preoccupied.” Cherry fell head over heels in love with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as she dove headfirst into the fantastical world of witches, wizards, and exotic monsters. It was all about the escapism,” she stated. “It was all about the escape. Being able to experience that trip with Harry was truly a blessing. When you’re feeling sad, or depressed, it’s a little bit of escape to somewhere lovely and magical. And I believe that is what Harry Potter represents for many of us.

It was extremely fun to think about what it would be like if this wizarding realm were actual.” And when Cherry revealed her enthusiasm for the Wizarding World property on her YouTube channel in 2016, the wonderful fan community completely rocked her world. She went on to clarify that when she first established her YouTube channel in 2011, it was not intended to be a Harry Potter-themed one. At the time, I was still in school, and the structure of my videos wasn’t really determined until I started talking about Harry Potter,” I said. She continued by saying, “They were a little bit of everything, including YouTube challenges and speaking with my pal.” When I first saw it, it looked nothing like what it does now.

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