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BigJigglyPanda Bio Data:

Anthony, also known as BigJigglyPanda, is a YouTube player, MOD maker, and Twitch broadcaster from the United States. It was after he began posting gameplay and commentary videos on games such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” “Happy Wheels,” and “GTA V,” among others, that he rose to prominence. His channel, which is known as “BigJigglyPanda” on YouTube, is distinguished by the presence of videos in which he creates MODs, videos that are humorous, and challenges that include other YouTube gamers.

Because of his enormous popularity and the fact that he stays faithful to the authentic substance of gaming videos, the channel has gained a significant number of followers. Some of his most popular videos are ‘eBay or…Vanes?! – Higher or Lower Funny Moments with Wildcat,’ ‘Panda Explodes + Golf It ASMR Edition – GOLF IT Funny Moments,’ and ‘Bottles Up! – Higher/Lower Shots Edition ft. @MiniLaddd.’ He has made advantage of the fact that his Twitter account, which is called “Anthony@ BigJigglyPanda,” has a sizable number of followers in order to communicate with his devoted audience.

On November 8, 2010, Anthony launched a channel on YouTube under the name “BigJigglyPanda,” mostly with the intention of expressing his passion for video games. From the beginning, he was extremely certain that he did not want the channel to discuss anything other than gaming and having fun. On October 27, 2011, he published the first video under his channel titled “Welcome! An Opening Remark (COD: Black Ops Gameplay)’. At the beginning of the video, he introduced himself as “Panda,” a moniker that would eventually come to be associated with his persona.

The video attracted a few thousand views when it was first uploaded, and so did his subsequent videos, which included “Happy Holidays and Naughty Old Men (Call of Duty MW3 Gameplay)” and “A Not So Live Commentary (Call of Duty MW3 Gameplay).” His channel achieved 1000 subscribers on January 23, 2012, when it was first launched. After that, he began uploading videos of other game modifications, popularly known as MODs, as well as gameplay and commentary videos. His films on games such as “Happy Wheels” and “Left 4 Dead 2” were among the ones that earned the most positive feedback up to this moment. Videos like ‘Corpse Launcher III –

The End (A Call of Duty Fungate)’, ‘I Got My Early Copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts! (Parody)’, and ‘Call of Duty Fungate: Speaking Gibberish, Body Floppers, and Panda Squeals!’ only added to his popularity, and on October 6, 2013, he reached his first major milestone of 10,000 subscribers on his channel. By 2014, Anthony’s YouTube channel, titled “BigJigglyPanda,” had garnered thousands of views, and his video titled “GTA 5 Funny Moments!” was seen over and over again. Over 79,000 people watched the videos titled “Gas Tank Roulette,” “Flying SUVs,” and “Wildcat’s Moan.” Two of the most popular MOD videos on his channel are now “GMOD Murder Funny Moments – Learning to Kill, Sparkles Freeman & GMOD History!” and “GMOD Death Run Funny Moments – Family Guy Madness!”
On August 9, 2016,

He uploaded the video with the title “eBay or…Vanes?! – HIGHER OR LOWER Funny Moments with Wildcat,” and it is now the video on his channel that has received the most views, with 1.6 million. Some of the most watched videos on his channel include ‘The Best of BigJigglyPanda – Funniest Moments & Laughs Compilation,’ ‘Spontaneous Combustion in the Desert – Would You Rather,’ ‘The Suspicious Delicious 2018 New Year’s Special! – GMOD Funny Moments,’ and ‘Smashing Eggs in Each Other’s Faces! – Would You Rather Egg Challenge.

The fact that Anthony ‘BigJigglyPanda’ was invited to an early screening of ‘Kong: Skull Island’ by Warner Bros. in 2017 is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that he is gaining an increasing amount of popularity. Anthony uses profanity in a few of his videos, which is one of the defining characteristics of his work. He has been heard saying things like “Look, you understand that the only reason why I’m here is so that I can f*** this clown,” and “Sorry, I just dropped my c** dumpster,” both of which have been criticized by many people. He has been found saying “Look, you understand that the only reason why I’m here is so that I can f*** this clown.” In March of 2017, he lost his temper while playing “Super Doberman R,” causing him to break one of his screens in the process.

On December 4, 1990, Anthony ‘BigJigglyPanda’ was born in the state of Ohio, in the United States of America. Due to the fact that he prefers to keep his family life a mystery, very little information is known about either of his parents or his twin brother. He likes to stay in shape by working out at the gym and playing basketball. He is romantically involved with a woman whose name is Melina. In addition, Anthony is the proud owner of a Pita the pet dog and a Cadillac. Additionally, he is a die-hard supporter of the Cleveland Browns.

In November of 2010, Panda established his YouTube account, which was first referred to under the moniker I ARE PANDA; however, he did not begin publishing videos on the site until the following November. The majority of his early videos were gameplay footage from Call of Duty and Happy Wheels. He would work along with other users on YouTube, such as GassyMexican and Redondo, for example. Around this time, he went on to rebrand his YouTube channel under the moniker BigJigglyPanda.

BigJigglyPanda Relationship

Panda, along with I AM WILDCAT and Moo Suckle, got a message from VanossGaming inviting them to work together, produce movies, and establish a “crew.” Panda had previously worked with I AM WILDCAT on a video for MW3, while Moo Suckle had previously played with Panda. Since that time, he has made frequent appearances, along with other people, in films created by Vanes. On April 6, 2018, as Panda was attending PAX East, the company reached the milestone of one million subscribers.

During the fall of 2018, he introduced a new logo as well as a new retail store. During the whole of 2019, he and Mini Ladd participated in The Demonetized Tour, which was an improvised comedy tour around the United States. There were plans to continue touring in regions such as Europe and Australia, but those plans were scrapped as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the fact that Mini Ladd was accused of sexual misconduct, which he later admitted to, means that it is highly unlikely that they will be touring in the near future.

Typically, he will post one video every day. Although the majority of his work is comprised of “Funny Moments with Friends,” he does sometimes publish solo gaming videos, most often of Happy Wheels and Pokémon card unpacking. This is consistent with the majority of the other members of his team. On occasion, he would add lifestyle-focused videos to his channel, such as vlogs and replies to posts on Reddit.

Alongside WILDCAT, he has been a co-host of the show The Wildcats since February 2020. On this show, the hosts do interviews with and have conversations with a variety of different online celebrities and content providers. He is also a competent player of Gang Beasts, often going the distance in bouts and being eliminated from competition at a late stage very seldom. Both he and Tyler (WILDCAT) were considered to be professional gamers in due to their ability to learn words rapidly and finish in the top two or one spot.

The Wildcats is the name of a podcast series that was launched by Anthony and Tyler. He had surgery to correct both of his flat feet, which were born that way, so that they now have arches. Panda used to be a smoker, but she has either totally given up smoking or is in the process of doing so with the help of an electronic cigarette. Melina Perez, the person he is seeing at the moment and who has made an appearance in several of his social media postings, is her name. When he first started playing Mario Kart, he did so using her account. However, he ultimately got his own account.

On his left arm, there are five different tattoos. During one point in time, it was believed that he was H2O Delirious’ next-door neighbor. In spite of the fact that this has not been verified, it is very improbable that it is accurate. If he were Delirious’ neighbor, he would most likely have seen his face by now; nevertheless, he claims that he has not In a fit of wrath, he shattered the screen of a TV that was located nearby in his room when he and Wildcat, Nagla, and Moo were working on the recording of Super Doberman for the Switch. At the very end of the video, he subsequently demonstrates the broken TV (plus a tweet).

BigJigglyPanda Career

Anthony had made a joke about being circumcised in a video for Golf It that was posted online. In the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe video game, Anthony makes a sarcastic remark about phoning the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 after he is defeated in a race. This number is also the name of a song by Logic and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. This was then followed by a remark made by Terrorizer, in which he instructed his viewers (who were watching his stream at that time) to contribute to the charity campaign that he is doing for the prevention of suicide. Following this, Moo Suckle makes a joke by asking,

“There’s a charitable organization for folks who are terrible at Mario Kart? ” To which Anthony said, “It’s called GameStop, and it’s where you trade in your consoles and games,” to to everyone’s delight. “It’s where you trade in your consoles and games,” He has a dog whose name is Chester, and from time to time he will publish vlogs about the dog. Anthony has said on several occasions that Chester is to him the equivalent of a son.

Anthony was the Vanes Crew member that engaged in the most wrath, as shown by two compilations of rage: one by BigJigglyPanda with 26 sections and another by Plasma Storm titled Ultimate Rage Compilation. Vanes’, Moo’s, and fourzer0seven’s thumbnails with Panda in it, his panda hat can make facial expressions such as Vanes’ Can we defeat Drunk Panda?; it shows Panda and his panda hat drunk. fourzer0seven’s thumbnail with Panda in it can make facial expressions such as Vanes’ Can we defeat Drunk Panda?; it shows Panda and his panda hat drunk. YouTube gamer and vlogger who builds modifications for games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty and broadcasts such games on his channel.

In November of 2010, he launched his successful YouTube channel. In October of 2011, he published the first video under his channel, entitled “Welcome! An Introduction Commentary (Codd: Black Ops Gameplay)”. Trivia He now has more than 1.9 million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube. The meaning of family life His true name is Anthony Brown, and he has been operating out of Dayton, which is located in the state of Ohio.

It wasn’t long until he made friends with other gamers, like Fourzer0seven, Vanes, I Am Wildcat, and others. On November 8, 2010, he launched a channel on YouTube under the name BigJigglyPanda, mostly with the intention of sharing his passion for video games. From the beginning, he was extremely certain that he did not want the channel to discuss anything other than gaming and having fun.

In October of 2011, he published the first video under his channel titled “Welcome! Codd: Black Ops Gameplay: An Introduction and Commentary” Big jiggly Panda is a popular gaming vlogger and YouTuber from the United States. He goes by the name Anthony Brown in real life. In November of 2010, he launched the first iteration of his YouTube channel under the moniker “I ARE PANDA.” The majority of his early videos were of him playing games like Call of Duty and Happy Wheels.

In later years, he worked along with a number of other YouTubers, such as “GassyMexican and Rotunda.” After that, he went ahead and changed the name of his channel to “Big Jiggly Panda.” He is most well-known for his high-pitched, wheezing laugh, his bursting fury, and his strange and perverted sense of humor. It’s well knowledge that Panda is the crew’s biggest underdog. He now has over 1.7 million people subscribed to his channel. In addition to that, he has experience working with VanossGaming.

BigJigglyPanda Bio Data
Real NameAnthony Brown
Nick NameBigJigglyPanda
ProfessionYouTube personality
Physical Stats & MoreNA
Height 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males
Weight 101 Kg
Body Measurements NA
Shoe Size (U.S)NA
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourDark Brown
Personal LifeNA
Date of BirthDecember 4, 1990
Birth PlaceDayton, Ohio, United States
Zodiac sign / Sun signNA
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight
Ethnicity White
HometownNot Known
Educational QualificationsNA
Boys, Affairs and MoreNA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Dating History?NA
Affairs/BoyfriendNot Known
Money NA
Salary/Fees Under Review
Net Worth $120 Thousand Approx
Social ProfilesNA
WebsiteWill Be Updated Soon

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