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Biannca Prince Bio Data :

Biannca Prince was born on March 6, 1997, in the city of Indianapolis, in the state of Indiana, and is a member of the American actress Biannca Raines. Jennifer and Charles are the parents of six children, with Jennifer being the youngest. A significant role in Bianca’s life is Ryann, who she considers to be her stepfather. She is a graduate of ‘R. Nelson Snider High School’ and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Tennessee. Alexis and Christian, among others, have made cameo cameos in some of her YouTube videos, which you can see below.

A long-distance relationship that lasted several years culminated in the marriage of Bianca Prince and Damien Prince in March 2017. Immediately following the birth of her son, they announced their engagement to one another. Bianca accused Damien of being apathetic to her and of exploiting her for his sexual desires before they were married, which caused their relationship to hit a shaky patch prior to their wedding. So far, she has gone so far as to call off their engagement and vacate his apartment with her children, which is unprecedented.

While they had a difficult time at first, they were able to quickly resolve their issues and are now happily married. Biannca became pregnant with her first kid while still a minor, and she gave birth to her child. Furthermore, as a result of this, their relationship had been thrown into disarray. DJ and Kyrie are the couple’s two sons, and Nova and Ayla Faith, who will be born on October 26, 2020, are the couple’s two daughters. DJ and Kyrie are the couple’s two sons.


Bianca is forward to getting her tattoos done. It was in 2015 that she got her first tattoo, and she now has the names of her children and husband written on the inside of her arms as a constant reminder of their existence. Biannca sought treatment for postpartum depression shortly after the birth of her second child, who was born prematurely. Biannca Prince is a YouTube sensation from the United States who has gained widespread attention.

Damien Prince and co-founded the YouTube channel ‘D&B Nation,’ and she features in practically all of the videos that are posted on the network. Prank films, reaction videos, and a couple of storytime videos are among the videos available on D&B Nation’s YouTube channel. It has gained more than 4 million users since its launch. Biannca is the owner of two extra YouTube channels in addition to her main channel.

Following the accusation of plagiarism leveled against Bianca and her husband, they ignited a flurry of controversy, which has now died down. Biannca is a social media influencer that is active on both Twitter and Instagram. The running of all of her YouTube channels and other social media platforms will be overseen by a manager, who she has hired.

As soon as she began dating Damien, Bianca began posting videos on YouTube in order to express herself more freely. For the purpose of publishing reaction films, Bianca and Damien decided to launch their own YouTube channel in 2016, which they named “Couple Reacts.” Because of the channel’s growing popularity, they were swiftly elevated to the status of a well-known YouTube duo.

Meanwhile, Damien and Biannca were basking in the reflected glory of their newly gained celebrity status, they were caught up in an ambush-style feud with another couple. Dwayne and Jasmine, who also had a YouTube channel under the alias ‘Couple Reacts,’ were accused of plagiarizing their work, which they categorically rejected at the time. After a flurry of uncertainty and finger-pointing erupted, Damien and Biannca decided to rebrand their YouTube channel as ‘D&B Nation.’

The fact that Dwayne and Jasmine have also decided to redesign their YouTube channel is worth noting as well. It is still under the term ‘Couple Reacts’ that they promote their videos when it comes to selling their videos. Pranks, challenges, and storytime videos are all featured on the channel, which is primarily known for its vlogs. There are some prank videos on the channel that are particularly popular.

These include ‘Caught Cheating on Husband Prank with Boyfriend’s Bestfriend, and ‘Cocaine Prank on Husband Leads to Breakup’, which is one of the most popular prank videos on the channel. Biannca has starred in a number of music videos, as well as the songs ‘Run My Scrill’ and ‘Playz with my Bae.’ She also had a cameo in the song ‘Run My Scrill.’ It only took a few months for ‘D&B Nation’ to amass a million subscribers, but the channel was hacked at least once during its brief existence.

The pair were allowed to regain access to the channel after an investigation was conducted. Biannca and Damien started a second YouTube channel, which they branded ‘The Prince Family,’ in the fall of 2016, to further expand their reach. DJ and Kyrie are the stars of this channel, which is devoted to their children and is hosted by them. Biannca created her own YouTube channel earlier this year, where she produces videos on a variety of topics, including beauty, fashion, and parenthood, among others. Besides that, she has a series of reaction videos on her YouTube channel that are some of the most-watched videos on her channel overall.

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Fanmail Address (residence address)Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
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