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AzzyLand Bio Data:

Azra Bahram gave birth to Azzyland on February 23, 1991 in the country of Canada. They share a sister who, like her, enjoys playing video games. Azzyland received his degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, where he double-majored in biology and chemistry. Following that, she decided to pursue a career in medicine because that was what her parents had always wanted for her. Azzyland is a beautiful young lady who also possesses a lively personality. Azzyland’s height is approximately 170 centimeters, or 5 feet and 5 inches, and his weight is approximately 56 kilogrammes. Her facial features are attractive, and she has an impressive physical build.

Her body measurements are approximately 34-23-34 inches, giving her the enviable look of a model. She has beautiful brown eyes to go with her gorgeous brown hair. Her hair is a dark brown colour. Azra “Azzy” Bajrami, better known by her stage name Azzyland, is a Canadian citizen who has achieved professional success as a famous YouTube star and a well-known social media personality. On the video-sharing website YouTube, she maintains a channel known as Azzyland, where she has amassed more than 13.5 million subscribers.

Azzyland is a Canadian internet celebrity who has amassed a significant number of followers as a result of the cosplay vlogs that she shares on the channel that bears her name on YouTube. This internet celebrity is also active in the gaming and cosplay communities. The number of people who subscribe to her channel is in the millions. She became an internet celebrity first, and then decided to give hosting a shot after that. Before They Were Famous is a YouTube show that is put on once a year. She has quickly risen to become one of the most popular presenters on the show.

AzzyLand Relationship

Azzyland’s mother is named Mrs. Bajrami, and her father goes by the name Mr. Bajrami. Mr. Bajrami works for the government, and Mrs. Bajrami is a journalist. The marital status of Azzyland is that she is single. Jordi van den Bussche was her boyfriend in the past, and they had a relationship together. 2016 marked the beginning of the couple’s romantic relationship, which lasted until 2020 before it ended for individual reasons. Because she is a gamer, she has a strong connection to one of the most well-known video game franchises, The Legend of Zelda. Azzyland has also established a new record on the internet by twerking continuously for a period of twenty-four hours. Additionally, she has over 2.2 million followers on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Azzyland’s father and uncle were the ones who initially introduced her to the world of gaming. She spent her childhood observing them as they played video games. Azzyland was given the opportunity to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when she was only seven years old, and it ended up being a defining moment in her life. When she was an adult, she made the decision to pursue a career in the gaming industry. She decided to forgo a career in medicine in order to devote more time and energy to her gaming and YouTube career. After that, Azzyland got his feet wet with the world of cosplay. Dragon Ball Z is a well-known Japanese anime series, and she first tried her hand at cosplay by portraying a character from the show named Vegeta.

She mentioned that Zelda from the Legend of Zelda video game series is her all-time favourite character to cosplay as, and it was in one of her videos that she mentioned this. After that, Azzyland documented all of her cosplay endeavours and uploaded the videos to the YouTube channel that she had created specifically for the purpose of uploading her cosplay videos. The videos produced by Azzyland were an instant success and swept the internet like a storm. Soon after, she was spotted taking part as an official cosplay artist in almost all of the conventions that took place all over the world.

AzzyLand Career

Her meteoric rise to fame drew the attention of the well-known YouTuber McCrudden, who subsequently conducted an interview with her. McCrudden found her to be appealing in front of the camera while she was being interviewed by him. After that, he extended an invitation for her to host an episode of his YouTube show titled “Before They Were Famous.” Her first few days on the job as a host were a living nightmare for AzzyLand because she frequently mixed up the names of the guests on the show. One of these incidents led to her getting in trouble: she mistook the famous gamer FaZe Jen for Jason Eugene Vonderhaar and addressed him as such. Following the event, she became the focus of many internet memes, and there was also a backlash from the general public against her.

After that, she was required to upload an apology video, which FaZe Jen found very appreciable. AzzyLand set a new record on YouTube by twerking nonstop for the full duration of the competition. Because of this, her YouTube channel received a greater number of subscribers. After that, she pledged to her audience that she would strip off completely once her YouTube channel reached one million subscribers. She kept her word and, when her channel reached one million subscribers, she uploaded a video of herself stripping naked to celebrate the milestone. There are currently 13.4 million people subscribed to her channel on YouTube.

Additionally, she is well-known on Instagram, where she has a following of 2.2 million people. Azzyland dated the well-known YouTuber Jordi van den Bussche, better known by his username Kwebbelkop. AzzyLand has over a million subscribers to his channel. At the after-party for E3, which is a major gaming convention held once a year, a mutual friend introduced them to each other. E3 is an event that takes place every year. They hadn’t told anyone about their relationship at first, and it wasn’t until another YouTuber by the name of John Scarce that the secret got out. Azzyland and Kwebbelkop broke up in 2021.

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